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Do Guys Like Love Handles? Are Little or Small Love Handles Attractive or Gross to Men?

by Dr. Joe Morales

Do guys like love handles or do they just find them gross or attractive? If they do, why do guys like love handles, especially small or little love handles? Should they be big or small for men to like love handles on a girl?

In many men’s opinions, a little thickness on a woman is attractive. That simply means that slightly bigger thighs, small love handles and What are love handles? Apart from the definition of love handles what is the explanation behind why they are called love handles?

Do guys like love handles or what do they think about muffin tops

Do guys like love handles or what do they think about muffin tops

It is interesting how different terms have been coined for different parts of the body. Love handles are such and come with several other different names. Although these names are metaphorical, they leave you wondering where and when the name came up. Apparently, fitness experts invented this name. Whatever the case, love handles or muffin top if you like is a headache to those who are beauty conscious.

The media has continued to set the agenda on what is a beautiful face, nose, eyes or body. This is why those who are uncomfortable with their noses or bodies will go ahead and get plastic surgery done to alter what they do not like. While everyone has a right to decide how they want to look, it does not have to get to surgery for love handles especially.

Simple ways of improving the diet and exercising can help you lose the love handles without any complications of surgery. However, before getting to know how to lose love handles through exercise and diet it is important to know, what are love handles and why are the called love handles.

What are Love Handles? Define Love Handles

If someone came up to you and asked you to define love handles, what would you say they are? What are love handles? These are the bulging pieces of flesh on the sides of your stomach. You can actually grab that flesh from the back, just close to your lower back dimples if you still have them well defined, at the front of your stomach and on the side as well.

In order to define love handles you must first understand that the bits of flesh form from the accumulation of fats around the waistline. What are love handles? They are fat deposits on your waistline. Fats accumulate and stretch your waistline such that it becomes difficult to fit in your skirts, shorts, bikini and slim fit jeans among others.

They are also known as muffin top due to the shape they take on the sides of your stomach, like the top of a chewable muffin.  You will have a muffin top occur due to various hormones such as cortisol triggered by stress, insulin resistance, low testosterone in men and calcitriol because of calcium deficiency in the body.

What are love handles from low testosterone and how are they dealt with? Men need to workout extensively in order to lose the love handles. While men should be avoiding cholesterol, which is known to be fattening, it is actually good for them. Workouts for men are calorie intensive and therefore, they need to eat properly after taking this kind of exercise. Here are tips on how to lose love handles men.

On the other hand, women should watch their diet strictly and exercise as well. This is because exercise alone cannot get them the perfect body. They must work about not having a muffin top from what they eat on daily basis.

Do Guys Like Love Handles?

What do guys think about love handles on girls? As the say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. This same saying applies when it comes to spare tyres as others would call love handles. Since muffin tops come in varieties, guys will some types and not others on their girlfriends or spouses. On the other hand, on themselves some cannot stand them and would workout day in and day out to lose them.

Do guys find love handles attractive

Do guys find love handles attractive?

Do guys like love handles? This is a hot debate because some love handles can be small and cute, while others are quite curvaceous. Similarly, others are massive or so obese like. Other muffin tops are gross because they are covered with stretch marks.

Most guys seem to agree that they like some flesh on their partners though not too much of it. Therefore, some small, but cute love handles are likeable on girls. On the other hand, having even the slightest muffin top for some guys is a stressor especially if he is conscious of his looks. Do guys like love handles? Some do and some do not. It depends on one’s preference and taste in women.

Those men who agree that they are attractive insist that they are sexy and make a woman appear real because she has ‘some meat’ on her bones. Unlike those girls without any love handles, those with them look healthier. A girl without a muffin top even the slightest appears bulimic, anorexic or very artificial.

Why Are Love Handles Called Love Handles?

According to Wikipedia.org,’ love handles is an informal term for deposits of excess fat the side of one’s waistline.’ Most dictionaries will include that it is a colloquial or slang term for the excess flesh or fat on the waistline.  This term was first coined in the 1960s by fitness trainers.

Other names for love handles are:

  • Spare tyre
  • Muffin top

Why are love handles called love handles?  Well, there are various explanations as to why they are called so. For starters, they are easy to grasp at when hugging someone. This is the case between lovers. Similarly, men say they love to grasp them when making love to their women because they give them advantage.

Why are love handles called love handles? Depending on their size, they do feel like actual handles that someone can get hold of easily. Other people insist that it is just a polite way of calling the extra big flesh instead of using the word ‘fat’, which is rude.

Love handle exercises and belly fat burning workouts

Workouts that burn fat are the ideal love handle exercises. If that is the case what are love handle exercises? There are different types for men and women. Here are the best love handles exercises for men. Although, both men and women can work out most of the exercises, women are bound to avoid some such as weight training, which is suitable for the men in order to define their muscles.

If you are looking for exercises to do at home, you can try:

  • Sit-ups
  • Side planks
  • Side plank hip dips
  • Side bends
  • Crunches
  • Using the hula hoop
  • Doing the bicycle move
  • Oblique crunches among others

What are love handles exercises apart from the above? Cardio exercises such as running, swimming, biking or using the treadmill on inclination.

Bodybuilding Love Handles – Get Rid of Muffin Top in Men

Anytime you think of doing bodybuilding love handles will have to stay at bay. This is because you get to burn a lot of fat that way. As time goes by, what are love handles will become history and you muscles become more defined. If you someone suggests that you try bodybuilding and you are desperate to lose your excess fat on the waistline. Give yourself some inspiration to do the hard work because it pays handsomely with a well-toned body.

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