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Black Contacts Sclera Lenses, Full Eye, Solid Dark and Cheap Blackout Contact Lenses

by Dr. Joe Morales

Did you know that black contacts can cover your eye color? Here’s a list of the best  types of blackout contact lenses you can buy, including full eye black, sclera, solid dark, pure and pitch black blackout lenses. Also, scroll to the end to see where to buy cheap non prescription lenses as well as those with prescription. Online outlets selling dark sclera lenses are also listed in below as we cover much more including the following:

Black contact lenses, or dark contacts have become a popular trend that people use to alter the appearance of eyes. Being part of the special effects contact lenses, these colored contacts create a theatre effect to the eyes and are commonly used as a good Halloween costume. Celebrities use black sclera contacts to achieve a vampire effect, which is part of the additional dress-up or costume for theatre performance. Black lenses are also called blackout contacts.

Black sclera contacts

Darkness all-eye costumes

Best Black Contact Lenses, Trends and Designs

When it comes to colored contact lenses, there are those that are astigmatism lenses while others are plano. If you are looking for special effects contact lenses to correct your eye vision, it is important that you see an eye doctor for prescription. Knowing the types of black contacts is important if you want to choose.

People with aniridia have their iris thin and almost not visible. It produces the “black eye” effect or appearance. When an individual is self-conscious about aniridia, he or she may opt to use contacts to change the appearance. Others use black contacts to achieve a black eye effect that stands out. The eyes become spooky black, with a scary look we see in horror and vampire movies. When this is the purpose, you can choose from different types of dark contacts.

The first type of these eye costumes covers the entire eye except the white area. The second type covers the iris only, leaving the rest of the eye uncovered. The third type, also called the sclera contacts, covers the whole eye including the sclera. This one is more expensive and difficult to wear. Know these factors when choosing black contact lenses in order to get exactly the right ones. Remember for these, you will not be able to get visibility tints. It is difficult to determine which ones are the best lenses since people have different preferences.

Black Sclera Lenses or Full Eye Large Contacts

The center of the sclera dark lenses is clear and transparent to avoid affecting your vision. These lenses come with zero power though a doctor’s prescription will be required to buy safe ones. People ask: why are sclera black colored contact lenses expensive? The reason is that they are manufactured using high quality material using high standards. In the UK, they cost at least £59 while I have seen some outlets here in the U.S. selling them for $129.

Full eye or sclera

Full eye or sclera

Some people consider sclera lenses the best black contacts because they give the best surreal and scary zombie effect. Brighter, deeper and emotionless eyes, such as those of vampires are the effects of sclera lenses. Even so, there are other different types of sclera black contact lenses:

  • Red sclera are red but have black pupils.
  • Whiteout dark sclera lenses are black except that they have wide white rims around the pupils.
  • Red and black have red rims around their pupils.

Black fulle-eye are completely black, the entire eyes turns dark when you wear them. They are also called blackout contacts. Full eye black colored contacts are the same thing as sclerals . The same are called large eye black, all black contacts, pitch and blackout contacts.

Pure Black or Solid Black Colored Contact Lenses

Pure black contacts and solid black contacts, like the names suggest, do not contain a mix of other colors. Instead, the lenses are purely black. While celebrities can sport weird cosmetic eyewear, it is easy for the trend to spread to most of us. When choosing these cosmetic eyewear devices, you may find some that are not pitch black, or blackouts. Some are red, others white, some of them yellow – they come in many freaky eye colors and costumes including tattoos. Instead, some of them come with rings around the pupil the eye. However, for pure blacks, there are no color mixes.

Instead of going for the full eyeball tattoos, some dark lenses can help with a temporary need for eye costumes for wild night parties, and festivals such as Halloween. Anyway, with a good prescription from your doctor, here’s how you are likely to look with solid black eye contact lenses or pure black eye-wear.Here are full-eye solid black eye contacts

Other designs may include cat eye, black big eye lenses, tinted sport lenses. You may also try other colors and designs such as rainbow, glow in the dark, yellow and vampire lenses for your costume.

Black Halloween Contacts

Sclera ones come in different types and designs for Halloween, party, theatre or stage effects to change your natural eye color such as brown to dark eyes. Trends and designs of black colored contact lenses vary, some coming with a glowing effect, others are just plainly darker, some with other color mixes such as blue, red, green, white, gothic patterns and so on. Like blue colored contacts, opaque black cosmetic lenses are common and work well on people with black eyes. The market does not fall short of such costumes of all designs. Yours is to shop and find the best for you.Solid full black eye contact lenses

Very few celebrities find dark color contacts pleasing. One rapper, called Tyler the Creator is one of the very few celebrities known to wear dark sclera contacts. He wears them when shooting his videos.

How to Get Black Non Prescription Contact Lenses

Non-prescription black contacts are those that are bought without an eye exam being done. You simply go to an online store selling contact lenses and buy them without getting a prescription from an eye doctor/ophthalmologist. Most of these devices, like other special effects contact lenses (such as Halloween contacts) are sold without prescription. A common characteristic is that they are cheap and found online. See below on where to buy black contact lenses non-prescription.

So why not choose prescription black contacts? The main reason why people go for black Halloween contact lenses is because they are cheap, quick to get online and you do not need to get a prescription from a doctor, which is normally expensive. But is this really safe?

Where to Buy Black Contacts for Cheap, Online

Non-prescription lenses as well as prescription black lenses can be bought online. Buy cheap black contacts at Amazon, Walmart, CVS and other online outlets of colored contact lenses. At Walmart and CVS, you will need to have a prescription before you can buy a pair of special theatrical contact lenses. It won’t matter if it is Halloween season or not. Movie characters wear prescription colored lenses, so theirs are safe.

YouKnowIt, ExtremeFx, Honeycolor, Eyecandys, Pinkyparadise and other online outlets aplenty sell these contacts without prescription. You can order them online and have them shipped to you. Most of these online stores sell theatrical contact lenses for cheap, though the full black contact lenses can go for as high as $129 online.

Safety, Risks and Dangers of Black Special Effects Contact Lenses

There are things you must consider when you want to buy black contacts, or any other type of contact lenses. Safety issues are the most important. The following points explain what should be on your checklist or mind when shopping for black sclera/full eye contact lenses.

Eye redness and conjunctivitis may be a risk

Eye redness and conjunctivitis may be a risk

  • Do you know the diameter for your cornea? whether full eye black contact lenses or normal black contact lenses, it is important to know that there is nothing like “one size fits all” with colored contact lenses. Therefore, you need to know the size of your cornea, specifically the diameter and the curvature to purchase theatrical contact lenses that will be comfortable to wear.
  • Since black contacts come with an alteration of vision, with an effect similar to that of shades, it is important not to wear them for long. Do not drive or do activities that may be affected by the black lenses such as driving.
  • Without proper cleaning and maintenance, you can end up infecting your eyes when wearing black contacts. Always clean your hands and the dark contacts thoroughly to ensure you do not infect the eye.
  • Most non-prescription crazy contact lenses are sold online without an eye exam. Ensure you find out the licensing information of these black block funky lenses, black Manson crazy contacts, or any other black themed lenses before buying. Never buy used ones to avoid risks, dangers and side effects.
  • Check for side effects warned by the FDA such as discharge, itchiness and red eyes, impaired vision among others when wearing gothic Halloween lenses. See a doctor immediately any of these appear.
  • Larger black contacts that cover the iris, pupil and sclera tent do blur vision. They are also difficult to wear because of their size.

How to Wear and Remove Black Contact Lenses

We looked at the procedure of inserting/wearing contacts when discussing crazy Halloween contacts. You can use those steps to wear black contacts too. However, removal is also important and should be done safely. Here are instructions or steps to follow. Ensure you have an eye fitness test first such as the vulk method.

Modern eye check procedures make fitting just perfect

Modern eye check procedures make fitting just perfect.

  1. Look up.
  2. Using your middle finger, hold down your lower eyelid.
  3. Use the forefinger to slide the black lens to the lower part of your eye.
  4. Gently pinch the lens using your forefinger and thumb. Remove without folding the lens too much.

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