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White Contacts Non-prescription, No Pupil, Cheap, Full Whiteout Halloween Lenses

by Dr. Joe Morales

White contact lenses for Halloween will make your party unforgettable. In our series of the best crazy contact lenses for party costumes, we have all the different ways of wearing white eyes, including white sclera or full eye zombie style, white mesh and black and white colored contact lenses. Also find out where to buy cheap nonprescription eye lenses for Halloween, with UK stores listed.

White contact lenses are among decorative contacts usually worn for costume purposes and party reasons. You have seen people with different types of white colored contacts, celebrities among them. Like black contacts, these are used in vampire movies and sometimes celebrities wear them for Halloween.

Whiteout or all white, full eye white contacts

No pupil white eye

White contacts, also called zombie white out contact lenses are a type of colored contacts or theatrical contacts, or crazy lenses used for creating a scary, stylish, shocking or stunning twinkle eye appearance. They totally change the color of the eyes to white, appearing as vampires or alien creatures. They are also called full-white contact lenses, all white contacts, or pure white contacts.

White contacts for Halloween

Spooky eyes always transform your party costume into something real and scary. Have you imagined yourself with an all-white eye? Or a meshed white and black eye? Yes, we know Halloween is all about looking crazy and freaky.

So, we have described the different types of white colored contact lenses for you to choose from below. They include meshed, white sclera lenses, white out or all white, solid and even zombie eye.

White out contacts or all white contact lenses

All white contacts, also called whiteout or full eye white colored contact lens accessories can give you that zombie look, like someone who doesn’t have a pupil. An eye without pupils is the perfect look for your white eyes when you want to add some scare to your costume.

Costume with no-pupil white out contacts

All white eye, scary Halloween makeup and costume

According to Pinky Paradise, white out contacts can create a ghostly look, similar to the Halloween ghosts we all celebrate in October. An all-white eye will make you haunt almost anybody you will meet in the city or across the room in the city.

White mesh contacts

If everyone wears white eye contacts to look scary, you might want a change. To look different, like a totally different zombie or creepy creature, you can try out white mesh contact lenses. The small black and white squares in the eye can make your eye look alien and scary.

Meshed white eye

Meshed white eye

You can also use the meshed eye accessories for cosplay costume. These produce an eye-catching effect and can really improve your Halloween costume. However, most sources warn that they should not be worn when driving because you can cause distraction on the road.

White sclera contacts or solid white colored lenses

Solid or sclera white can create terror. These are almost similar to the all white colored contact lenses, but in some instances, they may have a small dot or ring around them. Sclera contacts will cover your entire eye, leaving it appearing as if you have just a milky opening. How scary can things get?

For most of the full-eye contacts or white scleral lenses, you should get a prescription in order to buy them. However, I found lots of online stores, especially in the UK selling cheap nonprescription sclera contacts.

Zombie white contacts – arise from the dead

Have you always wanted to play the zombie? Now it is time to create some horror by appearing as the walking dead. Well, one part of your costume to help you appear real is eye accessories. Our recommendation would be to buy white zombie contacts that can create a real horror effect.

Zombie eyes can be red, bloody, green, and even ice blue. If you want to appear too spooky, especially in the dark, you don’t even need to get glow in the dark contacts. Just a zombie costume and these lenses will do the job for you. If you didn’t know, in most movies, they use these completely white contacts to create the zombie effect.

zombie eye white contacts

Zombie eyes

Like other types of colored contacts, there is a variety with white contacts too. No pupil lenses are very common when it comes to parties because they create the freaky effect. No pupil white contact lenses are also called white lenses no pupil. Other types:

No Special Effects

These are the most common. The contacts cover only the iris allowing the pupil of the eye to show. They can be used to cover up any type of eye color very easily. If you are looking for Halloween white-out contacts for sale, no special effects lenses would be a great choice for natural dark eye colors. This type is not as white as other parts of the eye, so it will give you the appearance of having a very light iris.

Glow in the Dark

These ones too do not have special effects; they cover the iris only and can conceal different eye colors. Unlike white-out contacts no pupil, these ones leave the pupil and you can see what you do. The advantage they have is that they are more stunning, than regular cheap colored contacts, because they produce a glowing effect.

Glow in the dark white contact lenses for sale are good for Halloween costume, or theatrical effects. However, they are not good meant for astigmatism, hence are simply plano. You can find prescriptions ones or even non-prescription ones.

No Pupil White Contact Lenses

As the name suggests, these are white-out contact lenses that cover pupil of the eye in addition to the iris. You can compare them to dark sclera contacts, or even call them white sclera contacts.

The entire eye will be covered. There are no corrective types of no pupil white contacts, or even those meant for eyesight correction. You can only wear them as costume colored contacts. You can, however, still find prescription white-colored lenses.

That look of a zombie

The reaper is here!

White prescription contacts

Why should you get a prescription? Well, eyes are very sensitive and can easily get an infection. As you have seen, you can make your October very attractive or go remembered, but you need to do it safely. I have seen stores in the UK selling prescription colored contact lenses. We recommend that you always get an eye doctor first before buying these accessories.

White out lenses can be stunning since they give the entire eye a crazy look. Your iris though will be visible when you wear white out lenses. Since there are different types of eye shapes and colors, what people are these crazy or gothic white contacts most suitable for?

White out contact-lenses are best for people with light eyes as well as those with dark eyes. In case you have eyesight problems, ensure you look for prescription white out contact lenses to avoid affecting your vision power.

The best white-colored contact lenses designs known according to consumer reviews include UV, Manson, zombie white lenses, rimmed, solid, screen, and even classic lenses. The most important tip on how to choose best colored contacts is to try each one until you find one that suits you best.

Where to buy white out contacts non-prescription in UK

There are many contact lenses for sale online. Online outlets known to sell cheap white contacts, which are shipped fast. When buying cheap white contacts online, you are likely to get them without prescription. However, you can look for prescription white contact lenses Walmart, Amazon or CVS when you already have an eye doctor’s prescription.

Most drug stores will also have Halloween contact lenses, but you must have a prescription in order to buy from them. So, where do you buy non-prescription white lenses for costume purposes?

  • Special effects contacts can be bought from online cheap stores such as YouKnowIt, ExtremeFx, Honeycolor, Eyecandys, Pinkyparadise, and many others. Most of them are cheap white out contacts.
  • As is with red contacts, or any other crazy or special effects contacts, it is important to consider your safety first before buying them. See below safety tips, risks/dangers or side effects of cosmetic contact lenses.

Safety tips, risks and dangers

Consider your safety first when you go to buy white contact lenses. Use the following tips to ensure your eyes are safe when you use white contacts:

  • Know the size of your cornea to ensure you buy cheap contacts no prescription that will fit you nicely. This will help you avoid discomfort. Avoid the “one size fits all” contacts.
  • The best way to avoid side effects is to go for prescription white contacts first.
  • Clean your hands before wearing/fitting/inserting crazy contacts to avoid risk of eye infection.
  • Be careful when wearing or inserting the contacts, especially the full-white contact lenses. You might end up scratching your eye if you are not gentle.
  • Check for side effects or dangers such as discharge, itchiness, impaired vision and other symptoms listed by the FDA to avoid development of side effects.

How to Wear or insert decorative contacts

Theatrical contact-lenses can be worn using the same steps on how to wear crazy lenses. Please visit the steps we have demonstrated in the linked article. Let’s look at removing white contacts from the eye.

  1. Look up.
  2. Hold down the lower eyelid using the middle finger.
  3. Slide back the lens toward the lower part of the eye using the forefinger.
  4. Gently pinch the costume contact lens using the forefinger and your thumb. Gently remove the lens caring not to fold it excessively.

One important precaution is to ensure you never share costume contacts, or any other contact color lenses. If you do, you risk eye infections and even loss of eye-sight. Never sleep with these contacts on your eyes. On shopping for full white contacts, ensure that you are sure of prescription or non prescription options before you look at the price tag. Cheap isn’t always safe, but you can achieve a great Halloween look with these lenses.

Video on eye whiteouts and costume

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