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Inner Lip Tattoo Pain, Recovery Care, Swelling and Do Tattoos Inside Lips Fade?

by Dr. Joe Morales

An inner lip tattoo is a new trend of inking yourself. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus have recently sported such tattoos inside the lip. Here’s what you need to know about the pain, cost, swelling, fading, care and some great ideas for tattoos inside your lips.

Do inner lip tattoo fade? How long does it last?

Inner lip tattoo is a very new trend out there nowadays. People are getting their lips tattooed at an increasing rate. Funny, very cool designs may be seen more especially on the inside part of the bottom lip and rarely on the inside part of the upper lip.

Celebrity Miley Cyrus with an inner lip tattoo

Celebrity Miley Cyrus with an inner lip tattoo

In many cases, a lip tattoo is going to be only one short word or a few numbers or even a small image that is tattooed on the inside part of the lip. When choosing the lip tattoo design, you would like to make sure that you keep a very basic design.

  • A few letters or even numbers is the required average design for the inner lip tattoo.
  • Keep in mind also that the thinner the number of lines and the closer the lines appear together, the higher the likelihood that the tattoo can fade and also become indiscernible with time.
  • The rate at which inner lip ink fades normally varies from an individual to another, but it’s much guaranteed not to last long.

This is why it is highly recommended getting of something ridiculous tattooed inside the mouth and then saving the more meaningful pieces for other areas of the body.

Inner lip tissue heals faster

Do inner lip tattoos fade? Are tattoos inside lips temporary? One of the very unique aspects of the inner lip tattoo is that it is considered temporary due to the nature of the mucosal cells that normally line the inside parts of the mouth. “In contrast to the skin tissue on the outside of the body, mouth tissue has a tendency to repair itself faster...” [Source – CastleDental.com]

  • One difference that arises between the ectodermal tissue lining the skin and the oral cells, is that the oral tissue usually repairs faster.
  • The skin wound that typically takes about 3 weeks to heal only takes 3 days in the mouth due to the rapid regeneration of the mucosal cells.
  • Due to this, most of the inner lip tattoos will fade and disappear in about 1 to 5 years.

However, some of them only last from weeks to few months, so make the most of the opportunity and obtain something you can be afraid to have inked on the body for the rest of the life. For instance, the girlfriend or even boyfriend’s name, a silly word, or even something profane. It’s normally hidden and it’s probably not going to last for long.

Inside lip tattoo pain

As with any other type of tattoo, the pain of the tattoo will then vary on the pain tolerance. The amount of pain that is inflicted by a lip tattoo is very much debatable. Some of the people report that the process is much less painful than tattoos on the rest of the body, others also claim that it is more painful due to a high concentration of the nerves in the lip.

If not done by a professional, tattoos inside lips can hurt a lot

If not done by a professional, tattoos inside lips can hurt a lot

  • Tattoo infections are very painful, and the rate of any infection with lip tattoos is higher because of the cornucopia of the bacteria that is found in the human mouth.
  • This implies taking care of the tattoo is going to be especially crucial in the days that are following the procedure.

Rinsing the mouth using an alcohol-free mouthwash after the meals and after smoking is one of the very important things you can do so as to reduce the probability of any painful and annoying infection.

How much do inner lip tattoos hurt?

It can also be said that while it is very obvious that getting inked is likely to hurt, the pain quotient of each tattoo also varies. While there are places like the arms, lower back, and even ankle that can be considered to be some of the least painful spots to get inked, the same may not be said of lips.

  • The extent of pain in a lip tattoo also varies based on a lot of factors, including the pain threshold of the person or the experience of the artist.
  • Some of the people do also say that lip tattoos do not in any way hurt much and only stings for a short while. But you are required to know that it is a mechanized needle that is constantly sewing against the lips, so you have to be very prepared for the pain.

Besides the pain, another important thing to consider is the lifespan of the lip tattoo. Unlike all other body art that is permanent, the tattoo generally only last for about 1 to 6 years, so you have to choose whether you want to go through the pain for a tattoo that may not last for a long period of time.

Lip swelling after tattoo

The lower lip may swell from a lit tattoo procedure

The lower lip may swell from a lit tattoo procedure

Swelling occurs when the tattoo is still fresh, so it takes some time for the tattoo to properly heal. Simply follow the aftercare advice that is given by the tattoo artist and avoid all kinds of possible infection.
The tattoo ink can rub against and then erode gum the tissue over time, leading to the gums to recede and then expose the roots of the front teeth. This then leaves the teeth vulnerable to the damage and loss.

  • Gum damage is an irreversible process without expensive and a painful surgery. Smoking greatly increases the risk of the gum damage.
  • Swelling after getting inked is a very natural thing, and lip tattoos are not of any exception to this. The swelling usually stays for about two to three days, but it begins to recede after the first day.

If the lip tattoo swelling hasn’t lessened even after about three days, it is then a thing to worry about. It might be the symptom of an infected tattoo.

Causes of inflammation and swelling

There are a number of reasons for a prolonged swelling.

  • If the person getting inked is much allergic to some pigment that is applied in the ink, excessive swelling can happen. This is more likely if the tattoo has not been done by a professional artist.
  • Professional artists apply ink that is prescribed by the FDA that is safe, while other artists never use a prescribed ink.
  • To avoid swelling, the best option is to get inked done by a professional artist and then follow all the instructions of aftercare given by her.
  • Taking proper aftercare can reduce any healing period of the tattoo.

Along with the swelling, you can also experience a strange taste in the mouth that is due to the blood and the ink, and there is nothing serious to worry about. Tattoo scabbing can also happen, as it happens after every tattoo.

Care, recovery and healing time

When caring for the new tattoo, make sure that you follow good aftercare so as to achieve the maximum longevity that is required for the tattoo. Lip tattoos are much finicky, so you’ll be needed to make sure that you give the tattoo the best chance as required that starts at a reputable tattoo artist and ends with the aftercare process.

  • As with any and every tattoo, you are required to consider the aftercare of the lip tattoo. You obviously do not need to use a tattoo aftercare cream or an ointment that is inside of the mouth, but you do want to apply a basic mouthwash.
    Rinse the mouth before and after a person gets the tattoo.
  • Once you have the lip tattoo, you’ll be required to wait for at least a few hours before trying to drink or smoke.
  • Then, while healing the new inner lip tattoo, you’ll be required to use mouthwash to rinse after every other meal and after smoking.

Keep your lips dry

The human mouth has quite a lot of bacteria that in extra will probably increase the risk of having an infection.

Step one in preventing the inside lip tattoo infection is retaining the lips dry for a minimum of about four to even five days after you have the tattoo.

Antibacterial mouthwashes

Use antibacterial mouthwash to help prevent infections on healing mouth tattoos

Use antibacterial mouthwash to help prevent infections on healing mouth tattoos.

It’s very good to rinse with a few antibacterial mouthwashes no less than four-five occasions an afternoon. To lessen the scabbing at the lip it is easy to follow ointments that normally accommodates nutrition A and D.

You can be required to additionally be much careful what to consume as you go through the tattoo curative. Prevent consuming of the acidic ingredients. Don’t disclose the interior lip tattoo in direct daylight.

The day you get an internal lip tattoo, you will get an inflammation and you may really feel like peeling the lip pores and the skin. In no way try this, this might eliminate the ink over the lip.

Inside lip tattoo regularly might last for about 10 months or so if relevant care is taken. You might require to retouch the tattoo some other day. Inner lip tattoo calls for knowledgeable and therefore, be sure that you have approached the precise tattoo artist.

Avoid acidic foods and hot drinks

No matter the reason for choosing a lip tattoo, special steps in the aftercare are especially crucial as it is inside the mouth. When you first get inked, avoid any food or liquids for many hours. Once you are able to start to eat, swish and then rinse the mouth using an antibacterial, alcohol-free mouthwash before and after you eat anything. Do the same after smoking also.

On average you should rinse about four to five times a day, but until that time it is crucial that you to keep the tattoo very dry. The tattoo artist will give you a copy of aftercare instructions that will be required to be followed carefully to avoid the risk of infection and to assist to prevent fading of the tat.

Inner lip tattoo cost

An inner lip tattoo is a very unique way to express an individual self since the tattoo isn’t much visible. As the name indicates, the tattoo can be placed on the inside part of the bottom or upper lip.

  • Like any other types of tattoos, the price of the inner lip tattoo normally varies from an artist to another. The price range starts at about $50. But, the price can even go beyond this minimum depending on the complexity of the design. This price range was supported by most of the tattoo lovers who had joined the online forums.
  • Almost the same price range was also confirmed by the voters in the forums of the yahoo.com on lip tattooing. Depending on the design, the amount of the color, shading, and the size of the tattoo, you can pay from between $50-$100.

What is going to be included in the price?

Basically, the payments for the tattoo artist will go for the ink, sterile needles, the time the tattoo artist requires to take to do the tattoo, and including the difficulty of the tattoo.

  • All tattoo artists will have several stock designs and the fonts from which you can choose from. Some can even assist you with the design if you have something unique in mind.
  • Since tattoo redoing is very common for the inner lip tattoos, most of the artists include the second tattoo on the initial payment. With that, you get the redo for free.
  • The instructions for aftercare of your lip tattoo are given by the artist as well along with some healing ointment to speed up the healing process and lessen the pain.
  • Most of the reputable artists guarantee the work after it has been done.

What are the extra costs?

Unlike other tattoos, inner lip tattoos fade rather faster. If you want the tattoo to last for long, you will be required to have it redone every so often. But, most artists do not charge a retouch for their own work once; they start to charge for the subsequent touch-ups.

Factors that influence the price:

  • Tattoo design. The best thing about any lip tattoos is that they are very small so the price of having one being done is a bit lower than other tattoos.
  • But, the price still varies depending on the design itself. Most of the designs are normal words, symbols or names of someone very special. Other complex designs require a lot of attention to details. If this is the case, then you will most likely pay a little more than the usual designs.
  • Tattoo Shops’ Location. There are still other regions in the country that have very few tattoo shops. If you live in one of these areas, you could find higher prices since there are few or no competitors.

Tips to know:

  • It must also be known that lip tattoos normally fade so quickly due to the acid and the chemical content that is found in the mouth. In fact, about 40% of inner lip tattoos completely fade away in the first few months. If you do not want to have this experience, then you must understand how to take good care of it.
  • Always ask the tattoo artist about the recommendations of a proper aftercare. Common tips given by the experts include keeping it as dry as possible for the next five to six days while the tattoo heals.
  • It is also advised for you to opt for a reputable tattoo shop even if it is a little more expensive. The more reputable shops will be much cleaner and do a much higher quality work. One might get the infection out of the dirty tattoo shops.
  • While some of the tattoos may be painful, experts will tell you that an inner lip tattoo is one of the most painful tattoos that you can receive.

How to save money

  • One of the best ways to save money is by taking proper care of the tattoo. The better care you take, the longer the tattoo can last. This, in turn, implies that you will have to get it redone less often.
  • As with any other service, try to get a quote from a handful of the shops that are found in the area. Most will be more than happy to give you a quote even over the phone.
  • Because inside lip tattoo will not be seen by most of the people, it is very painful, and it normally fades away rather quickly, maybe you can consider having a tattoo on a different part of the body.

Inner lip tattoo ideas

Getting a tattoo is an artful but unique method to express yourself. A tattoo on the inner lip is very different than all other body art as it isn’t readily visible. This leads to the growing popularity of inner lip placement for the many numbers of reasons. They are very ideal for people who would want a tattoo but work in a setting that doesn’t allow tattoos to show.

A tattoo on the inner lip may be treated like a secret shared only with those who you want to know about it as it doesn’t show to the people unless the wearer intentionally decides to show it off.

Other people choose an inner lip tattoo due to its unique placement choice for a very different reason. Even though it doesn’t at all show, it’s the place that likely to get inked to be different from everyone else. So for the people ready to stand out, a tattooed lip is one way to do it.

Another reason some people decide on the inner lip placement for the tattoo is that it performs pretty well for the word tattoos that are considered very offensive by the general public. If you’re ready to sport a nasty offensive word in the ink, the inner lip lets it stay hidden until you need to show it off.

Designs choices for the inner lip are very limited by the small size of the patch of the skin that is available. The best selections are very simple such as a word tattoos. Popular non-offensive inner lip tattoo word ideas used to ink the inner lip may include:

  • Bite me
  • Ouch
  • Cool
  • Lovely
  • Boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse’s name

For those who want to display something other than the word tattoo for the inner lip, other small designs work very well. This may include symbols or:

  • Heart
  • Flower
  • Skull
  • Star

No matter what design you might choose if you decide to go with a tattoo on the inner lip, go to a professional tattoo artist and have them test to be sure that you aren’t allergic to the ink.

The day of the appointment, be sure to eat before you get the tat as no food or even drink might be consumed for a few more hours afterwards, and once you get at home take care of the inner lip tattoo and follow the aftercare directions so as to reduce the risk of infection and then keep it looking sharp for longer.Word ideas Temporary lip tattoo ideas Ideas for tattoos inside the lip Lip tattoo ideas Inner lip tattoo ideas

Temporary Tattoo inside lip

Temporary Lip Tattoos are becoming very popular as they have no permanent alteration of the skin but gives a very effective way to dramatically change the appearance and with the care will last for several hours.

Although lip Tattoos are applied with the water, they are waterproof, removal is done as easily as can be removed easily using oil-based creams, or even baby oil.

To get the best results ensure that your lips are very dry, and free from any lipstick, lip balm etc. Take time at this particular stage so as to ensure that all is correct, or things can go horribly wrong.

Roughly cut out the top and the bottom lips following the template on the reverse side of the card, if required, make some adjustments by the small amounts only to the inside part of the tattoo, ensuring it matches the contours of the lips, and avoid the waterline on the inside of the lips.

When you are very happy to peel the clear backing off and then re-apply carefully, using a “surprised” wide open mouth, ensuring that it covers the outside contour of the lips.

Hold securely in place and using a sponge or even a cotton wool ball, wet the backing, this will come away so easily after about 45 seconds, carefully dab the tattoo down using the wet cotton wool ball.

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