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Fordyce Spots on Lips, Get Rid of White Dots on Lips, Treatment, Remedies, Cures

by Dr. Joe Morales

Fordyce spots on lips appear as small white or yellowish bumps on lips. They can appear on the lower lip or the upper lip. Are they Fordyce spots or herpes bumps from kissing? There are a few differences to note as discussed below. Here are causes and how to get rid of Fordyce spots and granules on lips fast.

What are Fordyce Bumps on Lips?

The Small, white spots that are found on the lips that ranges in diameter from about 1mm to 2mm can be because of the Fordyce spots or also known as the Fordyce granules. These particular spots are much painless as well as very harmless, although they lead to a serious concern because of the cosmetic reasons.

Fordyce spots on lips

Fordyce spots on lips

There is no indicated cause for the fordyce spots on lips, although it is said that they happen the oil in the sebaceous glands of the skin.

Fordyce granules are the small raised, yellow-white or also the skin-colored bumps that normally appears on the penis, the labia, or even the vermilion border of the lips of an individual’s face. They might also be particularly found on the foreskin of the penis.

The vermilion border of the lips is the usual sharp demarcation that is between the red colored part of the lip and the adjacent skin of the face.

White bumps on lips or white spots on lips white dots on lips


The lips helps a person to communicate to the world. When a person has white bumps on the lips, he can naturally feel less self-conscious. The bumps might have several causes. While most aren’t much concerning, sometimes the white bumps might show signs of oral cancer. Seeking of medical attention from the doctor would ensure that you stay as healthier as possible.

Fordyce spots: The harmless, small (1 to 2 mm) white bumps that are

Herpes sore on lips not fordyce spots

Herpes sore on lips not fordyce spots.

inside the lips are very much visible sebaceous or the oil-producing glands. These particular spots also tend to get much bigger as an individual gets much older.

He might have a smaller bump or several bumps on the lips, usually on the inner side. Fordyce granules are very small brown or the yellow papules that might develop on the genital skin spots, but also appears mostly on the borders of the lips.

These particular granules, which are able to form a smaller group of cluster, are very much sebaceous glands that have no any traces of hair follicles. Said to be available at birth, the spots starts to grow and thus become much visible after the stage of puberty. Found in about 95 percent of the adult population, fordyce spots on lips are very much benign, non-contagious as well as do not need any kind of treatment.

  • Herpes simplex: Oral herpes may lead to white bumps or even the canker sores that are found on the lips. These can initially appear as the small sores then they can become blistered and also fluid-filled.
  • Milia: This are very common in babies, milia are very small, white bumps that happen when the dead skin cells are trapped inside the skin. While milia are most commonly happening on the face, they might also appear on the lips.
  • Oral cancer: A white bump is able to appear on the face as raised in texture. The bump is normally painless at start but can eventually begin to bleed or even ulcerate. Sun exposure, tobacco use (more especially chewing tobacco), and even the human papillomavirus are all indicated as oral cancer causes.
  • Oral thrush: Oral thrush is a fungal infection that leads to the white lesions that are mostly found on the lips, or tonsils. The fungus Candida albicans is also indicated as the most common fungal strain that is able to lead to oral thrush.

Sometimes the white bumps that are found on the lips are a very harmless kind of genetic variation. Just as certain other people have experienced moles, others might have the white bumps that are found on the lips.

Are Fordyce Granules Contagious?

The spots are very much contagious and is able to be transmitted via through a personal contact, like kissing, sharing of the utensils or even use of any infected items. Accompanying signs of herpes labialis might also be painful lip papules, fever as well as swollen neck glands.

Although the condition is able to clear on its own within a period of about two weeks, antiviral medication is able to assist with the symptoms. Recurrence of the virus is very much possible, and complications might happen in the people who have some medical conditions, like cancer.

  • Fordyce Spots may not be much indicative of the HIV as they are very much normal, every other person has them. They are usually either the seen small papules that are found on the mouth or even the underlying hair follicles that are found on the lips. You may not be able to find HIV related to the fordyce spots.
  • Fordyce spots goes away without any given treatment. Even though they are much benign, they are mostly and mainly of cosmetic concern. Most of the products are found in the market so that they can treat the spots. But, it is advisable that you consult the doctor before use of any of the drugs.

Do Fordyce spots on lips go away naturally?

Eventually Fordyce disappears without any given treatment. Most people do just apply the approach for the spots. They are very much benign and also are very much self-resolving.

But other people find the spots a major concern cosmetically and for the people who have several products that are available can assist the spots to disappear at a faster rate.

Pictures: What do fordyce spots on lips look like?

Fordyce spots look like small white or yellowish dots on lips. Are they Fordyce spots or herpes? In most cases, people confuse them with herpes, but they are not. Herpes sores are fluid-filled sores on corner of lips, on the upper lip or even on lower lip. Here are pictures of Fordyce granules on lips to help you identify the symptoms.

Pictures of fordyce granules on lips

Pictures of fordyce granules on lips.

What causes Fordyce spots?

These Fordyce spots on lips are also said to be brought about by the sebum which is the natural oil of the skin. The oil normally gets trapped in the skin’s sebaceous gland that does not contain hair.

In many of the cases, sebaceous glands usually open wide into the hair follicle and its oil is then secreted up the hair shaft. But in this particular case of fordyce spots on lips, no hair implies that there is no given way to drain the natural body oil secretions. Thus, the reason for the bumps.

  • Pimples normally develop in the sebaceous glands that has a blocked opening. They do not have the vital route that they can use to escape. Also, bacteria is not able to gain entry either.
  • Bacteria normally lives on the skin of all the people and the bacteria eat on the sebaceous oil. As the bacteria eats the oil, they then grow in size, leading to the surrounding tissue to be very much inflamed as well as much painful. But fordyce spots on lips do not lead to pain nor even have any of the given symptoms of pus – and thus are not a skin infection.

Symptoms of Fordyce Spots on Mouth

The following are the symptoms of Fordyce spots on lips.

White spots on lips getting worse

Fordyce spots are not in any way a kind of infectious disease that is able to be spread around but instead are a natural happenings that occur on any adult skin. But, due to the fact that most of the men find pimples unattractive, they look for ways to get rid of them.

Itchy spots on lips

The spots are able to bleed after an injury, or even sexual activity. Fordyce spots on skin should not be painful or even itchy.  Consult the doctor if you are having any of these signs.

Tiny or small white bumps on lips

Fordyce spots on lips are a dermatological condition that leads to the small pale red, white or even skin-colored bumps that are raised or even the spots to develop along the sebaceous glands. The sebaceous glands are found in the skin that produces the oils for the hair as well as the skin.

When the oils get blocked mostly in the sebaceous gland, then the bumps are formed. Fordyce spots are not a sexually transmitted infection, although the appearance is able to lead to be mistaken for one. Fordyce spots are not brought about by either a virus or even bacteria.

Swollen lips

The fordyce spots on lips do not pose harm and are a very normal happening in about 75% of adults and the granules that are inside the mouth do not require any kind of treatment.

As fordyce spots on lips are normally painless, if you do have any pain or even a swelling, it is better to consult the dermatologist just to ensure that it is not any other serious dermatological condition or even oral disease.

Painful lips/inflamed lips/irritated lips

Usually, if you find out that you have got fordyce spots on lips, you might not have any associated pain or even any irritation. Fordyce spots on lips are much asymptomatic, implying that they can simply appear on the lips without any other symptom or development. But, if you try an inappropriate treatment for the lumps on the lips, you might then find that the itching or irritation occurs.

How to Get Rid of Fordyce Spots on Lips

Laser treatment

Laser treatment is normally used in treatment of several skin conditions which includes cancer, acne as well as scarring. The laser duly works by destruction of the beneath tissue thus allowing the skin for regeneration of new healthy cells. There are many laser treatment methods that are applied in order to get rid of the Fordyce spots.

Pulsed dye laser

Pulsed dye laser treatment makes use of delivery of a highly concentrated light beam that is found on the surface of the skin. The light beam usually gets rid of the underlying blood vessels. When used to get rid of the Fordyce spots, the laser does away with the blood vessels that are meant to deliver oxygen as well as nutrients to the sebaceous glands. The glands will soon dissipate.

This particular method is normally the best used in the cases where the patient has experienced red Fordyce spots as it can lessen the skin discoloration.

CO2 laser

Carbon dioxide laser resurfacing is usually used so as to get rid of several skin disorders which includes acne scars as well as the birthmarks. It’s also usually prescribed for the patients who want to remove the spots.

CO2 laser resurfacing also makes application of the concentrated beam to get rid of the topmost layers of the skin. In the fordyce spots, the laser is able to get rid of the skin tissue that’s trapping the sebum which is underneath.

This allows the sebum to escape and thus promotes the regeneration of the new skin cells. Its main advantage is that it doesn’t produce the scarring that is normally found on the patients skin.

Fordyce spots lips treatments

  • Removal; Some studies have indicated that the fordyce spots usually happen when the body is changing because of the hormone variations. The use of hormone therapy is able to assist with reducing the spots.

It can also help with mood, weight, and energy levels.  Striking a balance is the key.

  • Tretinoin; There are several number of topical creams as well as the gels that are found on the market on the market that have tretinoin.  Using of the product for a number of times per day is able to reduce the appearance of the skin spots. 

The application of the Alpha Hydroxy Acid together with it is able to fasten the process the process of reducing the spots. You are also able to apply the cream directly on the skin. Tretinoin is applied on the skin as a remedy for the fordyce spots as well as other skin disorders. The cream is very much effective when it is combined with the alpha hydroxyl acid.

Fordyce spots on lips cures and natural remedies

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is considered as one the very effective remedies that has been found to deal with the fordyce spots. Use of the apple cider vinegar directly on the spots that are on the skin can give you a painful as well as burning sensation. So add just about three teaspoons of the vinegar to a glass that is full of water. Use the solution to the affected skin area.

Jojoba oil

Another very vital oil that is much useful for the treatment of the fordyce spots on lips is the jojoba oil which always maintains antibacterial properties. The healing effect of the jojoba does this through prevention of the bacterial growth and invasion. It has wax esters which make it to be a natural moisturizer therefore enhancing the oil’s effect on the skin.

Lemon juice

This is a very natural disinfectant that usually treats the bacterial infections that affects the dermis. If a person is suffering from the blackheads or even the pimples, Lemon extract is a very vital remedy. This easily found ingredient is able to be squeezed so as to form a pulp which can easily be applied on the inflamed skin more regularly so as to treat fordyce spots on lips effectively.

Lip balm

Best thing that can easily be tried is use of the jojoba oil as a lip balm, without application of anything else, to observe how it happens. Not only does it put a control on the sebaceous glands, it also contains the antifungal as well as the antibacterial properties, and also has Vitamin E. You may easily fiind this in the health food stores


Taking a lot of vitamins daily assists much in treatment of the fordyce spots on lips. The daily diet should have a lot of several vitamins which includes vitamins D, E, K, C and B. The vitamins are able to assist you in treatment of the spots and also other health conditions. Sources of vitamins are the fruits, cod liver oil, and whole grain cereals.

Essential oils

Essential oils are normally used in treatment of several conditions as well as diseases that includes the fordyce spots on the lips. The best essential oil that can be used is jojoba oil, which is used to prevent the development of fordyce spots on lips. You might also make use of the frankincense, tea tree, cabreuva, pine and palamarosa oils.


Garlic is a perfect home remedy that can be used to provide a solution for the fordyce spots on lips due to the fact that it has the antioxidant as well as the anti-inflammatory properties. Take a teaspoonful of garlic every day and then take a glass full of water. Alternatively, you can also take a glassful of the garlic juice at evening before you go to bed. You are also able to add garlic to the daily diet so as to obtain better results.


Asparagus is very vital to the normal growth of the body cells. It contains the highest concentration of the folic acid, which is need for the production of the cells. A cup of the vegetable provides an individual with about 70% of the needed amount of folic acid every other day.


Citrus fruits are much rich in folate acid. Raspberries has about3.5% of folate acid, oranges contains about 9%, papaya 29% and the grapefruit has about 8%. Squeeze the juice out of the fruits into a small amount of water and then use the solution that is obtained on the skin spots. The Fordyce spots on lips are able to disappear in a few days.


Broccoli contains a very high level of vitamin C. Including broccoli in the diet gives a person with about 120% of the recommended daily intake of the vitamin C. Oranges provides about 90% of the required Vitamin C intake. You might also include broccoli in the salads or even in meals as a side dish, or you can also take it raw as a snack.

Coconut oil

Fordyce spots can appear on the upper side lip due to dehydration. Coconut is a very natural moisturizer that is much effective in getting rid of the fordyce spots. You may also use coconut oil directly on the affected skin spot or combine it with any other essential oil. Olive oil can alternatively be used to coconut oil.

Vaporizing laser therapy

The medical procedure is not as much invasive. It makes use of the high-power light to get rid of the all tiny spots that appears on the skin. In most of the cases doctors make use of the carbon dioxide laser to get rid of the fordyce spots on lips. Alternatively, doctors make use of the electric current that is under very high frequency so as to dehydrate the skin spots. This procedure is known as electrodessication.


The treatment involves much of the destruction of the skin bumps by use of the extreme cold. One of the side effects of the method is that it destroys the tissues that are near the targeted skin areas.

Tea tree oil

Pearly penile papules are able to be reduced much easily by use of the tea tree oil which is a well-known home remedy. Tea tree oil is a very natural antiseptic that is used in prevention of the bacterial growth as well as relieving of the inflamed skin.


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