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Black Spots on Penis, Circular, Flat, Itchy, Not Itchy – Are They Normal? Treatment

by Dr. Joe Morales

On noticing black spots on penis, a majority of men are likely to start panicking immediately. As a man, it will be normal for you to begin panicking on noticing the black spots on the penis.

Nevertheless, most of the lesions are quite harmless, but this being said, it is important to ensure that a doctor, to ascertain their cause, as well as confirm whether they are indeed harmless, or whether there is cause for worry, checks out the spots.

Causes of Black Spots on penis

There are quite a number of conditions that can lead to the emergence of black spots on penis, some of which include:

Genital lentigines or penile melanosis

This is the most common cause for the occurrence of dark spots on the male shaft. On emergence, the spots appear to be well defined, are oval, range between black and brown, and are in the form of a flat patch on the penile shaft or in the penis glans (head).

At times, the spots caused by this condition could come with an irregular border and could change in color, which may cause confusion in the mind of the man. Upon changing the color, they appear scary and have a malignant like lesion commonly associated with melanoma.

To diagnose this condition, your doctor may not need to perform a biopsy. However, if you happen to be above the age of fifty, your family has a history of cancer, and the size and number of lesions seems to be increasing at a rapid pace, then a biopsy may become necessary.

The good news is that most of the spots caused by this condition are quite harmless, and treatment may not be necessary.

Moles (pigmented nevus) of a penis

Moles have become a very common presentation in the male anatomy. These moles, upon emergence, may be slightly raised or flat, and their color may vary between brown and dark spots.

In many cases, the moles will not need to be treated, as they are not only harmless but will often disappear on their own within a few weeks.

However, if a change is noticed in their size, texture, or color, the man will need to immediately schedule a consultative session with the GP for the purpose of determining what could be wrong with the spots.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

Another condition that can cause the emergence of black spots on the penis is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and is a condition that is very common among the modern day men.

Black spots on penis and pubic area due to ingrown hair

Ingrown hair and razor bumps can cause black marks on the penis.

Minor injuries, irritation, or minor infections such as folliculitis all have the potential to leave behind black pigmentation after they have healed. The black pigmentation left behind by these conditions is known to fade away on its own within a few weeks.

It is common for the conditions and infections described above to be so mild that they escape your attention, and all you notice is the pigmentation.

Pigmented warts

There are times when genital warts will appear to be pigmented, and this may create confusion for other conditions or diseases.

Genital warts, which are sexually transmitted are often caused by the human papillomavirus. Warts can be flesh colored or can vary between black and brown colors.

Genital warts can cause black circular spots on penis and genital area

Genital warts: Image source – Dermnet.com

In many cases, they have a flat surface and are very common at the penis shaft. Bowenoid papulosis is the transitional state between genital warts and the Bowen disease, and there is potential for this condition to become malignant.

Angiokeratomas of the Penis

Although they are commonly found in the scrotum, the condition can also be noted in the area around the glans as well as the penis.

On emergence, they appear like small black, red, or blue domed bumps. Majorities of the known cases are asymptomatic, but there are men who have complained of mild itching and pain in the affected area.

It is a condition that is known to be harmless, but which, without the right information may cause a lot of worry to the person who is affected.

Primary Penile Melanoma

The condition is described as a rare malignant skin cancer, which normally affects elderly men. The black spots on the penis will normally begin by affecting the glans, before proceeding to the foreskin, then the shaft, and ending at the urethra tip.

When it is at its early stages, this condition has been known to mimic other harmless lesions, and as such, there is a need to ensure that the correct diagnosis is made from the start, as this may affect the eventual outcome

A biopsy will be needed to ensure that the correct diagnosis is made by the GP.

Primary Kaposi Sarcoma of the Penis

It is a condition, which can at times be presented in the form of a pigmented patch appearing on the male penis.

When localized to the penis, the condition is quite rare and often affects people living with HIV. It is primarily common in the penis glans, then the foreskin, followed by the body of the penis.

A few treatment options exist, which can be used to get rid of the condition.

Related symptoms

When the dark spots appear on your penis shaft, they can be accompanied by additional symptoms such as:

  1. A burning sensation
  2. Penile discharge
  3. Bleeding
  4. Itching

The accompanying symptoms are often influenced by the condition that has caused the appearance of the spots on the penile shaft.

Having looked at the causes, and the related symptoms lets us now look at how you can treat the black spots on your penile shaft.

Home remedies for black spots on penis

When you notice the appearance of dark spots on your penile shaft, you need to ensure that you find ways to get rid of them immediately.

Even though there are spots that will go away on their own with time, others require that use certain remedies as a way of ensuring that the spots will not only go away but that the accompanying symptoms will stop causing you discomfort.

Apple cider vinegar

There exist very many scientific studies, which have shown apple cider vinegar to be an excellent remedy for use in removing dark spots found on the male shaft.

Actually, the remedy can also be used to establish whether a woman has cervical cancer. The acetic acid found in the apple cider vinegar does all the work, as it is corrosive, and when exposed to the skin, it kills the organisms causing the emergence of these spots.

What to do at home

  1. Clean the penile area that has the dark spots on it, and proceed to apply some ACV with the help of a cotton ball.
  2. You should leave the ACV in this area for at least ten minutes before you can wash it off using a clean, dry cloth.
  3. You should repeat the ACV application at least three times a day, and within two to three days, you should begin to see some changes.

When the ACV is first applied on the spots, you may experience a stinging or burning sensation, which should go away within a few minutes.

Witch hazel

It is a very fine herb that can be used in curing dark spots on penis. Witch hazel is astringent in nature, and this makes it ideal for use in eliminating the spots.

When applied on the affected skin, it will ensure that the spots start shrinking, and within no time, they should disappear completely.

What to do at home

  1. Obtain purely distilled witch hazel. Even though it is possible to use witch hazel in the form of a cream or gel, it may take longer for it to eliminate the spots, hence the need to use the liquid solution.
  2. Use a cotton ball or q-tip to apply the witch hazel on affected penile skin
  3. Let it stay here for at least ten minutes
  4. Use a clean cloth to wipe off the excessive solution after the elapse of ten minutes
  5. Ensure you repeat application each day for the next two weeks. A person with stubborn dark spots will find that it may take longer for them to go away, but with continued use, this remedy will ensure that they disappear completely.

Castor oil

Castor oil is made up of multiple complex compounds, which helps in eliminating the black spots on the penis.

Even though you may have hated taking that teaspoonful of castor oil that your mother used to give you each day, you should know that it has very many uses, one of them being the elimination of unwanted spots on the body.

What to do at home

  1. In the evening before heading to bed, ensure you use a cotton ball to apply a thin layer of castor oil over the spots, as well as the skin surrounding the affected area.
  2. Obtain a garlic clove and slice it into thin slices. Use a clove to cover the area you have applied the castor oil. (it is an optional step, which you can always skip)
  3. If you do apply the garlic clove, make sure to hold it in place with the help of a tape
  4. Let the remedy stay in the affected area for the entire night
  5. When you wake up the next day, you will need to remove the tape holding the clove in place
  6. You should repeat this process for a few days to obtain some relief

Pineapple juice

Bromelain is a very beneficial enzyme found in pineapples. The enzyme is often used in treating skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema, all of which may cause the appearance of dark spots on the skin.

When applied to the affected skin, the pineapple juice will assist you to break down the dark spots. Given that it is also rich in manganese, it ensures that you will not get any scars once the dark spots have disappeared.

What to do at home

  1. Obtain some fresh pineapple slices and proceed to squeeze the juice out of the pineapples. Ensure you use fresh pieces, and not the canned pineapples
  2. Take a cotton swab and pout some fresh juice on to the spots
  3. The swab should then be placed on the spots, ensuring that the juice is touching the spots
  4. Allow the swab to stay in contact with the black spots on the penis for at least ten minutes. if need be, you can use a tape to hold the swab in place.
  5. It is recommended that the juice be wiped off within ten minutes

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil comes with antiviral, antiseptic, and antifungal properties. It is recommended that you use this particular remedy when eliminating the black spots on the penile shaft, as it ensures that the surrounding skin will not be affected.

It is, however, important to note that tea tree oil can be a bit strong, and as such, it should not be applied in its purest form, as it may lead to skin irritation.

As such, there is a need to make sure that the oil is diluted using a carrier oil prior to application on the skin surface.

What to do at home

  1. Take your tea tree oil and mix it with a carrier oil
  2. The carrier oil can be either olive or almond oil
  3. Use a cotton ball to dab the resulting mixture on warts a few times each day

Olive leaf extract and tea

Olive leaf extract was used for medicinal purposes in ancient Egypt. A recent research established that olive leaf extracts contained strong anti-viral compounds that can help in inhibiting virus-specific systems in the human body.

The extract assists in interfering with the production of critical amino acids meant for viruses, which in turn aids in stopping viral infections.

You can make olive leaf tea to help you eliminate the unwanted dark spots on your skin surface.

What to do at home

  1. Dried olive leaves can be obtained from an herbal tea store or from a normal herbal store. Alternatively, you may choose to dry the leaves on your own.
  2. Once you have the dry leaves, proceed to crush them, taking care to remove the stalks
  3. Measure a single teaspoon of dried olive leaves and add them to a cup of hot water
  4. Allow the water to steep for at least ten minutes
  5. Once it has been steeped, you should strain it and consume it at least three times each day

Note: if you are taking any medication, you should first consult your physician before taking this remedy for the dark spots on your penile.

Banana peel

After you have consumed the potassium-rich banana, ensure you do not throw away the peel as it may come in handy.

It is a proven fact that a banana peel can help you eliminate the dark spots on the penis that may have been caused by genital warts.

The peel contains enzymes, which helps in dissolving the spots

What to do at home

  1. In the evening before getting into bed, cut a banana peel large enough to help cover your dark spots
  2. The inside part of the banana peel should be placed against the spots and secured in place using a tape
  3. Allow the peel to remain in place for the entire night
  4. In the morning, make sure to remove it
  5. Repeat the application each night for the next two weeks, and you should be able to note a significant improvement in the appearance of your spots

Fig leaf

The fig leaf remedy is quite simple, but it can eliminate your spots, and ensure that they do not come back again in the future

All this is attributed to ‘Ficain’, an enzyme found in the milky sap of the fig plant that seems to do all the work.

When using the fig leaf remedy, you are assured that you will not experience any burning or stinging sensation on your groin area.

What to do at home

  1. Obtain a fig leaf
  2. Break your fig leaf to locate the milky sap
  3. Take some of the sap and dab it across the dark spots
  4. Once applied, you will not need to do anything else
  5. Ensure you apply the sap at least thrice a day
  6. Your spots should disappear within fourteen days, with consistent use


Milkweed is readily available in Northern America and is known to ooze a milky sap from its stem area. The sap from the milkweed is completely safe, just like the one from the fig leaf.

Additionally, it is not irritating and is a great remedy for dealing with spots caused by genital warts.

What to do at home

  1. Obtain a fresh stem cut from the milkweed plant
  2. The stem should be cut or broken so as to obtain the milky sap
  3. Use a cotton ball to apply the milky sap on the dark spots
  4. The application should be done once each day

Onion juice

Onion juice is a strong remedy that contains antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. When combined with salt, it can be used to treat the black spots on the penis.

Naturally, salt is also antiseptic in nature,  and this comes in handy in terms of speeding up the healing process.

However, you should note that this remedy, though effective, is quite slow and can take as much as a month for the spots to disappear.

What to do at home

  1. Obtain a juicy onion and cut it into slices in the evening
  2. Take some salt and gently sprinkle it over the onion slices, before leaving them overnight
  3. When you wake up in the morning, take your onion slices and gently mash them to form a paste
  4. You should now take this onion paste and place it on a sieve, before proceeding to use a spoon to press the paste
  5. The process will allow you to get some juice from the salted onions
  6. Take the juice and apply it on the dark spots
  7. You will need to repeat this each day until you notice a difference in the appearance of the spots


Garlic contains great antiviral properties that make it a great remedy for dealing with spots on the penis, thanks to its antiviral properties.

A paste should be made from the garlic and use to treat the spots.

What to do at home

  1. Peel eight garlic cloves
  2. Crush the garlic cloves to ensure that they form a fine paste
  3. Take the garlic paste and apply it on the area that is affected
  4. You should then cover this area using a cloth or clean bandage
  5. Let it stay like that for an hour or two
  6. Wash it off with water
  7. Ensure you apply the garlic for a few days until the spots start to disappear.


Apart from the home remedies discussed above, there are a few treatments that can be used to help get rid of the unwanted spots on the penile shaft.

Often, the spots will go away on their own without the need for medical treatment, but it is a slow process that could take as much as a year, depending on what caused them to appear in that part of your male anatomy.

Given that, the dark spots on the penis can be irritating, embarrassing, and itchy, you may be wondering about potential treatments for this condition.

The most conventional spot removal treatment options involve the use of over the counter medications or laser therapy.

Laser therapy

This type of therapy will involve the use of an intense light beam that is used to burn or destroy the spot causing tissue.

However, it is important to note that there is not much evidence in place to support the use of laser therapy, which may also cause a lot of pain, as well as lead to permanent scarring.

If the home remedies do not appear to be working, the best option will be to ensure that you consult your GP as soon as possible, to find a good treatment plan for you. However, you can also choose to wait it out, and see whether your chosen remedy will work, though this may take a few weeks for it to be noticed.


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