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4 Ways To Love Your Job (and Your Girlfriend) Again

by Dr. Joe Morales

Should I stay or should I move on? It is the issue that puzzles everyone at least once. We are focused on our career; we are looking for ways of self-realization, ways to earn even more money, that’s why we often change not only our job but also activity itself (as well as people around). This is quite normal and adequate actions because you must understand that you work for money and don’t surrender yourself to slavery.

Before you radically change your life and place of work, think about this: whether you have reached a maximum and further growth is simply impossible? Perhaps you are faced with some difficulties or you just think that leaving is the only way out. In addition, when you love your job, you shouldn’t take rash and risky actions. You have such a difficult life choice, so let us help you make a decision.

1. Fall in love with what you do

Tell me, what is more important for you: do what you love or love what you do? At first glance, these are two almost identical formulations, but let’s look deeper. When you love your job, then this is unlikely to ever get bored. But it is something else when you force yourself to love your job.

A good employee may like to perform his or her duties well and qualitatively, but the work itself can be hated. So, how to find a job you love? To begin with, you should determine which of the formulations is close to you.

2. Determine what goal, career, and job mean to you

Your goal is what determines your life choices. This is a great mission for which you live, work, and spend all your time. Perhaps in order to achieve the goal, you will spend most of your life. Your career is the desire to develop and grow as a professional all the time, to satisfy your ambitions. As a result, it is a combination of experience, professionalism, skills, and knowledge that you acquire with each new day.

Your work is the place where you are currently working. This comprehensive concept includes a company, position, responsibilities, salary. The real happiness is that your job coincides with the life goal and allows you to build a successful career and, as a consequence, you feel happy. Also, finding a job you love, it may help in a love relationship as you don’t get irritated, annoyed, and violent.

3. It is normal to change jobs and build a new career

Changing jobs is a normal phenomenon. We often work not by our profession. On average, a person changes 2 or 3 places of work during life. But today, fewer and fewer people are ready to agree to a small salary and a crazy boss.

Many want to change job because they outgrow their positions. Even retirement doesn’t mean that we can’t work anymore. So, don’t neglect this opportunity if you don’t love your current job but want to work for yourself, not for someone else’s wallet.

4. Think about what will happen next

Imagine two possible options: in the first one, you leave your work and in the second one, you stay. What will give you more happiness? Maybe, a new girl from marrybrides.com? If your dismissal allows you to start your own business, it will give you the freedom to do what you dreamed about. And if the current place of work has long ceased to bring pleasure and only restrains your potential, then the best option is to leave it.

By the way, the same is with a relationship. If this doesn’t bring pleasure anymore or you fall in love with someone else, then don’t torture yourself and end it. Or maybe this is an ordinary whim, which has no real basis. And what will happen after? Are you sure that you will be able to find something where you will receive the same money and pleasure? If not then go to bed earlier today so as not to be late for work.

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