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How to Know Her Ring Size Without Asking

by Dr. Joe Morales

If you are planning to propose to your girlfriend, you probably have a million questions running through your mind. There are answers that will come easily to you, such as the ideal location to pop the question, how to go about it, and when your big day should be.

However, as all these logistics start to come together, the one question going through your mind might be; how do I know her ring size without asking her? Identifying the right ring size for your soon to be fiancée may appear like a decision that can hold back the entire plan.

How to know her ring size without asking

How to know her ring size without asking

When you finally pop the question and she says yes between the numerous tears of joy, your girl will most likely want to put the ring you selected on her ring finger—and as it is, you will both want it to be a perfect fit. As such, if you have gone to great lengths to keep the proposal details a surprise; do not let the task of figuring out the right size put a stop to your plans. There are very many men that have come before you, and who have all been able to pull off this part of the proposal process smoothly. You can use the following tips to find out her ring size as you prepare to pop the question.

Begin with the regular

For many women, the average ring size is between five and seven. According to research conducted by jewelry experts, in America, the averaged sized woman is around five feet and four inches tall. However, it is possible for you to go off these averages and establish your girl’s ring size without her getting to know about it. If your girlfriend is shorter, or happens to weigh a little bit more, you may decide to go up for a single size or even two. For women who are taller and thinner, you should consider going down a size or two.

Even though this tactic may work, it is not the cookie cutter when it comes to finding out your girl’s ring size. You need to understand that people are different, and that not all women will fit within the ring size average. Additionally, there are women who like rings that are a tight fit, while others prefer a loose fit.

Ensure you keep in mind at all times that, the dominant hand could be bigger than the other one, and as such, if your girl is right handed, her left hand—where the engagement ring will be placed could be smaller than the finger on the right hand. If you do not want to make a guess, there are many other methods that you can use to determine her size.

Certain rings are harder to resize

Incase everything else fails; you can always make the decision to go for a larger ring. With this plan, you will be working with the idea that it is easier for the jeweler to size down, than the other way around. Jewelers find it harder to size up, as they will be required to add in more gold or extra metals.

It may also be a great idea to ensure that there is a ring guard in place. The ring guard will make it possible for your new fiancée to show off the ring to her friends and family, without the fear that it might slip off her finger and be damaged. Additionally, she will still be able to wear the ring, until the day she decides to take it to the jeweler for resizing. You should note that the ring guard is only a temporary solution, and that at some point, the ring will have to go to the jeweler for resizing if it does not fit at all. Also, note that rings that come with pave bands or side stones are usually harder and tougher to resize.

Ensure that it remains a well-kept secret

In case you do not want other people to learn about your impending proposal, it will be best to ensure that this remains a secret, and as such, you may have to do most of the work all on your own. However, fear not, as you has plenty of options on how to find a person’ ring size without exposing your plans. This is how:

Take your time: do not rush

No single person will begin to send out wedding invites until you pop the actual question, and she accepts your proposal. As such, as far as your proposal is concerned, you will be the one controlling each move.

Given that nothing will happen until you have asked the girl of your dreams to marry you, make sure you do advance planning. If you do not want her to notice or deduce what you are up to, you can subtly bring up the topic during your day-to-day conversations. On the other hand, if your girlfriend is on full proposal alert, you may want to tread very lightly.

Sneak in on her while she is napping or sleeping

If your girlfriend often falls asleep in front of the couch during Sunday night football, this could be the ideal opportunity for you to measure her ring finger—but ensure that you get to measure the right finger, or else your plan could fail. Remember that the engagement ring will go on her left hand, on the second finger, from your pinky.

You can take a small string and proceed to lightly wrap it around the base of this finger. As you are pulling the string away, make sure to mark the string using a marker or with a piece of tape. Once measured, you will need to take it to the jeweler when going to shop for the ring.

Check out her jewelry box

This is one of the easiest ways for you to determine your girl’ size, though you need to be very careful. Keep in mind that the rings she wears on her middle or thumb fingers will definitely be different from the ones that go into her designated ring finger.

For this reason, it could be a great idea for you to pick a few rings from her jewelry box and take them to the jeweler so that he or she can come up with the average size. Alternatively, take notice of the rings that she has set aside specifically for her ring finger, and take one or two to be measured to determine her size.

Obtain help from other people

You still have no luck determining her ring size; recruit others to help you with this endeavor. It is however important to ensure that the people you ask for help are capable of keeping secrets, or else your plan will be discovered before you are able to finalize it.

Go to her mum for help

In case you had already asked for her dad for his blessing before proposing, her mum will probably know that the big day is coming soon. Her mother may have an idea on her daughter’s ring size due to a mother-daughter bonding session that they may have had in the past, and where the topic came up. In addition, mothers can ask their daughters this question directly, without appearing as though the question is out of place.


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