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How to Remove Freckles Fast, Permanently, Naturally

by Dr. Joe Morales

Freckles are small dark brown or light brown patches on the skin. Some people get them from tanning while others are born with them. Here’s how to get rid of the freckles fast, permanently and naturally at home. Discussed below are ways on how to remove freckles fast with home remedies and cures as well as permanent methods such as laser and microdermabrasion.

Is it possible to get rid of freckles?

Bleaching agents as well as the laser treatments can assist to lighten any unwanted freckles. While they give very immediate results, they might be unaffordable. There are different types of freckles. Your method of removing freckles will depend on this.

How to get rid of freckles fast

How to remove freckles permanently and fast.

Keep in mind that while the freckles are able to be successfully faded in one week’s time, the darker the appearance of the spots are, the longer period of time it will take to remove freckles.

Freckles you were born with

Some people are normally born with the freckles, and others usually have them after a few years of exposure to the sun. Because they’re very common and almost much harmless, there’s no any normal health reason to remove freckles.

If a person does not want to have the freckles, however, you don’t need to have them as there are several ways that can be used to get rid of such freckles. To clear the natural freckles out, buy some lemons or just buy lemon juice, but make sure it’s very much pure. Artificial ingredients as well as the flavorings won’t perform as expected in getting rid or removing freckles fast.

After tanning

Freckles usually appear on the skin because of the sun and also tanning. They normally appear as tan-colored circular skin spots that sometimes overlap the skin and thus tend to be much noticeable on the skin of the fair-skinned people.

And this is not very good news for the people who would want to obtain a tanned appearance by going through the sessions that are provided in a tanning salon or even the sun bathing in the beach.

Sunscreen performs very well more especially if an individual is are sun-bathing. Try to wear the sunscreen that has a 30+ SPF which is a form of the UV protection. Also make sure that you tanned yourself for the amount of time that is much vital so as not to lead to any unnecessary skin reaction.

Really dark freckles

Dark freckles and how to get rid of freckles fast, overnight permanently

Dark freckles and how to get rid of freckles fast, overnight permanently

The common causes that leads to the freckles are a lot of exposure to the sun, hormonal imbalance, genes etc. They might happen on all over the body, but usually they happen on skin areas like the face that are normally much exposed to the sun. The people who have very fair skin that is much sensitive to the sun are therefore much more likely to have the really dark freckles. The spots are a little bit darker than the surrounding skin areas.

Red freckles

If you have experienced the tiny red spots on skin, then don’t get frightened. You are not an isolated individual, nor are you very sick. These particular spots on the skin are what is known as the red freckles. When the red freckles are available on the skin, it is an indication that the skin is starting to be destroyed by the sun.

The known effective treatments that are available for removing red freckles are the bleaching creams, laser treatments, chemical peels, tretinoin creams, cryosurgery, and intense pulsed light therapy.

Raised freckles

Sunburn freckles are normally darker in appearance, they have much irregular jagged borders, and might be larger in size than a pencil eraser. Sunburn freckles are very much common on the upper back as well as the shoulders where a person can be able to frequently get most severe sunburns.

Pregnancy freckles/hormonal freckles

Another type that is available for skin discoloration is what is known as the pregnancy mask, otherwise called melasma. It normally appears during the period of pregnancy because of the hormonal instabilities.

Women who have darker skin type are likely to experience the condition. After delivery of the baby, melasma will clear, but some traces of melasma can still remain. It might also happen in women taking oral contraceptives.

New freckles

Freckles are the flat, tanned circular skin spots that usually are the size of the head of a common nail. The skin spots are many and are able to develop on the sun-exposed skin after a repeated exposure to the sunlight.

These are usually common to people who have fair complexion on the upper-body skin areas such as the arms, nose, cheeks as well as the upper shoulders. They can also appear on people who are as young as 2 years of age.

Genetic freckles

Heredity and skin type are vital factors that sometimes dictates the tendency to have freckles. Freckles tend to be mostly inherited genetically and are common to people who have very fair skin or who have blond or the red hair.

Ongoing studies in a rare disease known as the xeroderma pigmentosum has also indicated the genetic tendency of the freckles. Excessive freckles that appears in dark-haired people are very common in the disease.

Large freckles

If the freckles are larger in size which is usually above 3+ mm and they are separated by a very normal skin, prefer to do away with each freckle using a long pulse laser or a Q-switch ruby. TCA peels are also able to be used to remove freckles that are large.

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Freckles?


Cucumber for freckle removal

Cucumber for freckle removal.

The cool cucumber is normally an ingredient from the kitchen that may be the most skin friendly. It amazingly revitalizes the affected skin. It contains bleaching properties that assists to provide you with a glowing skin.

Cucumber juice is a very good remedy that is used for freckles as well as the blemishes. But what is directly related to the freckle clearing is the availability of the phenylalanine which is found in cucumber seed extract that is able to effectively reduce the storage of melanin that is found in the skin.

Cucumber oil, apart from oleic acid, vitamin E, also has phytosterols which nourish and also stimulate skin so as to revitalize the damaged skin cells.

Ways to Use Cucumber for Freckles

  • Grate some cucumber and use it on the face normally as a pack.
  • Extract the juice by pressing of the grated cucumber and then use this juice to the face.
  • Use the cucumber oil on the freckles.

How to get rid of freckles fast

What is the fastest way to remove freckles?

1. Hide freckle spots with makeup

With the right products and methods, you are able to cover up the freckles so as to give the complexion an even look. Foundation as well as the concealer come in different formulas, and some are able to perform than others as determined by the type of skin that an individual has.

Oil-free powders and also the liquids with a matte complete the job better especially for oily skin, while the moisturizing oil and cream foundations that has a dewy are better for the dry skin. If you however have very normal skin, then you can apply any formula.

If you have a much sensitive skin, then the mineral foundations that has natural ingredients, are normally the option. They mostly come in form of the powder formulas, but the liquid versions is able to found as well.

2. Laser freckle removal surgery has fast results

Lasers are applied in the cosmetic procedures for everything ranging from the skin resurfacing to even the teeth whitening to vision correction also.

All lasers are either ablative or non-ablative. Ablative lasers gets rid of the top layer of the skin, and treatments usually require a recovery time while the skin is healing. Non-ablative lasers on the other hand are much less invasive, and makes use of the heat to stimulate cells so as to thicken the collagen leading to an improved skin tone and also elasticity.

3. Bleaching or lightening to fade freckles in a week

This remedy especially the use of hydrogen peroxide is widely applied for clearing of the freckles, also known for having bleaching properties. Usually, soak a cotton ball that has hydrogen peroxide and then wipe off the freckles before bedtime as you cannot perform this treatment any other time especially when we go in the sun.

Another tip that can assist to get rid of the freckles is through keeping the skin hydrated with a good vitamin E or any other moisturizer. If you use a good moisturizer every other day then this can benefit and thus make the freckles that are on face to appear smaller.

4. Exfoliation to remove light freckles fast

Exfoliate your face to remove dark spots and freckles

Facial exfoliation reduces the appearance of freckles and dark marks.

The best way to clear the freckles on face fast is through use of naturally made home remedies that are from lemon, honey, natural oils such as the olive oil, orange juice etc.

How to get rid of freckles on face, cheeks, under eyes

Lemon juice is a very strong fruit acid that contains the ability to bleach all the darker spots that are found on the skin. To reduce the number and amount of the freckles, then simply take fresh lemon juice and use it on the affected part of the skin with the use of the cotton balls.

Massage the skin part gently for about 15 minutes; then rinse using lukewarm water afterwards. With a few months of the continued application, the freckles should then start to fade.

How to get rid of freckles overnight in one day

Honey has a lot of natural bleaching properties that is good for the treatment of the freckles, especially the red spots. To lighten the freckles, make a thick paste of honey and water by mixing of both ingredients.

You should then warm the thick paste before using it on the affected part of the skin. After applying on the skin, leave it on for about 10 minutes. Then, rinse off using luke-warm water.

1. Get rid of freckled face with makeup – instantly or immediately

Some places that are offering freckle removal services insist that people are able to wear make-up, have a facial or even go back to work immediately after the treatment.

But, this isn’t a permanent solution and the freckles are able to return if the skin is much exposed to sun. There has been claims that such a treatment can be able to lead to hypopigmentation that usually leaves skin appearing very much patchy and also paler in places.

 2. Go for laser treatment to get rid of freckles in one day or a few days

Laser freckle removal is perfect procedure that is used to remove the unwanted freckles that are brought about by an excess sun exposure as well as the sun damage.

How to get rid of freckles permanently, forever

Freckles can also be removed permanently but the best methods are not home remedies. Treatments such as laser removal, chemical peels, some skin lightening creams and microdermabrasion can help remove freckles permanently.

a) Laser freckle removal surgery treatment

The laser freckle clearing procedure takes about 50 minutes. A patient will be required to cleanse the face very thoroughly. After a few pre-treatment photos are taken, the eyes will then be covered, and a very thin layer of a cool gel will then be applied to the face.

A cooling device, can be used to cool the skin. Then the laser light will be used in a series of several pulses to the treatment of the skin area. After the treatment is done, the doctor will then use a post-treatment laser cream and also the sunblock.

b) Skin lightening to fade freckles for good

Lemon juice is a very much effective for treatment of the freckles and also the brown spots. Lemon juice contains the skin lightening properties that can nicely bleach the dark spots that are found on the skin.

c) Microdermabrasion freckle removal

This gentle skin exfoliator is said to be the safest, easiest solution to lightening of the freckles. A deep exfoliation is able to get rid of the darkened surface skin and thus make the freckles to slowly be cured.

An individual should remember that a series of microdermabrasion treatments are very vital to see the visible lightening of freckles.

How to get rid of freckles naturally at home

Does lemon juice get rid of freckles?

Citric acid that is found in lemon is one of the best required ingredients that is able to fade away the freckles or any other spots that are found on the face because of the bleaching properties. Not only lemon, but also any other citrus fruit such as the orange or even the lime is able to be applied on the face so as to bleach the skin so as to assist in getting rid of the freckles.

You can also take lemon juice and then rub it on freckles. If this feels very strong, then add some yogurt and then use the solution on the face. Here is one remedy for the freckles that makes use of the lemon as the main ingredient.

  • Squeeze half part of the lemon.
  • Place the lemon juice directly on the spots.
  • Leave it on the skin for about 15 minutes.
  • Repeat the process every day until the freckles start to fade.


Honey is very excellent for the fading of the freckles as it has the enzymes that assist to lighten the skin pigmentation. Also, being a natural humectant, it is great for moisturizing of the skin.

  • Mix some honey and water and then heat it a bit. Use it on the affected skin area and then allow it to sit for few minutes. Then rinse the skin area very thoroughly using warm water. Repeat the process daily for many weeks.
  • You can also make a herbal mask by mixing of the wheat germ with some of the warm honey. Use the mask and allow it to sit on the skin for about 15 minutes. Rinse the skin area using warm water and then wash it again using very cold water. Repeat the procedure two to three times a week for a few months.

Sour cream

Home remedies for freckles - sour cream

Home remedies for freckles – sour cream.

The lactic acid that is present in the sour milk is able to clear the freckles. It is very useful for the people who have sensitive skin.

  • Apply some of the sour cream on the affected part of the skin and allow it to dry for about 20 minutes. Instead of rinsing the cream off using warm water, you should gently wipe it off using a very soft tissue or even a towel. Then use some moisturizer. The remedy will not lead to skin irritation or even the dryness. Repeat the process at least once daily until the freckles clear.
  • Alternatively, you might rinse the affected part of the skin using sour milk daily. If you do not have sour milk, then use yogurt.

Using onion

Onions also are able to be used to clear the freckles and all the brown spots because of their sulfur content that contains the exfoliative property. For better results, use the red onions.

  • Cut a red onion into very thick slices and then rub the slices on the freckles by repeating the process at least twice daily. Continue using the remedy until the freckles clear.
  • Another option that is available is to grate a red onion, extract the juice and use the juice on the affected part of the skin at least twice a day. For better results, add a teaspoon of vinegar to the onion juice. Repeat the process daily for about two weeks to remove freckles fast.

Orange juice

Create fruit and vegetable masks to lighten the freckles. Mash up and apply together ingredients such as the cucumbers, and strawberries. Use the lemon juice before the mask if you have an oily skin. A mixture of an equal parts lemon juice, and red currant juice used underneath the regular face cream is able to also assist.

Lime juice

Mash unripe currants about 1 cup and add unpasteurized honey about 1 tbsp to the lime juice. Use the mix on the area that has dark spots and then rinse off using warm water after about 30 minutes. Later, dab fresh lime juice on the skin freckles. This is useful in clearing of the spots.

Green tea

Green tea has begun to become popular. Apart from the fact that some individuals like how light it tastes, it appears that it contains a lot of better benefits. Green tea contains several antioxidants that can assist to clear the toxins that are found on the skin.

  1. Place the tea bag in a cup full of hot water.
  2. Leave it there for about 10 minutes.
  3. Place the juice that emanates from the tea bags on the cotton ball.
  4. Place the cotton ball directly on the freckles.
  5. Do the process every day until the freckles clear.

How to get rid of sun freckles or sun spots from sun damage

Buttermilk to remove freckles fast

Aside from buttermilk tending to make food products which become richer and also much creamier in flavor, it can also give some assistance for the skin. Buttermilk has lactic acid and this can assist to exfoliate the skin and get rid of the dead skin layer so as to reveal the new skin layer that is underneath. This is safe to use as it can also moisturize the skin.

  1. Place a small amount of the buttermilk and then place it on the cotton ball.
  2. Leave on the skin for a few minutes.
  3. Wash off using warm water.
  4. Do the process every day until you are able to see results.

Vitamin E

A lot of people understand that Vitamin E is perfect for not only for the affected skin area but also for the hair. This can also assist to clear the sun spots. Aside from the freckles, vitamin E can also be used to make scars clear also.

  1. Open the Vitamin E capsules.
  2. Place the gel that is found from the capsule directly on the sun spots.
  3. Massage gently using a finger.
  4. Leave on the skin overnight.
  5. Do the process every night until you see the sun spots begin to clear.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is known to be a very good home remedy that is able to be applied for different things. From the stomach problems to several skin problems, it is not a surprise therefore that castor oil can be used to clear the sun spots.

  1. Place some of the castor oil on the cotton ball.
  2. Place the cotton ball directly on the sun spots.
  3. Leave on the castor oil on the face for about 4 hours.
  4. Wash off using warm water.
  5. Do the process twice a day to get rid of freckles quickly.

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