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How to Get Rid of White Stretch Marks on Buttocks, Thighs, Breast

by Dr. Joe Morales

White stretch marks are those unsightly marks found along the upper arms, thighs, and upper abdomen brought about by recent trauma, pregnancy, or weight loss.  What do they mean? Here are the causes and home remedies to remove silver stripes on thighs, buttocks and legs in teenagers, men and women.

For people who like revealing outfits, the white stretch marks can really affect their confidence, and reduced confidence levels may lead to lower self-esteem.

White stretch marks or silver stripes on thighs, buttocks and legs in teenagers

Silver stripes occur in both adults and teenagers.

Causes of White Stretch Marks

Stretch marks on thighs and buttocks begin to appear when your skin becomes stretched all of a sudden. White stretch marks, just all the other types of stretch marks take place in the middle layer of the skin, which helps in supporting the outer surface of the skin—the epidermis.

The following are the major causes of silver stripes on the body.

1. Rapid growth

The middle skin layer comprises of very strong fibers, which connect to each other allowing the skin to start stretching as the body continues to grow.

Even though the skin is able to stretch, when a particular part of the body starts growing rapidly over a short duration, the fibers start becoming thin, and this may lead to them becoming overstretched, which may make them break in the long term.

If the fibers in the dermis break, tiny tears start to develop, and all the blood vessels that are located under your skin will start to show.

It is the reason why stretch marks are reddish in color when they start forming on your skin, before the contraction of the blood vessels, which leaves fat under the skin visible, and the unsightly marks fade off leaving a silvery white color behind.

It is important to note that not all people are susceptible to stretch marks. Normally, you will find that some people are more susceptible to the white stretch marks than others are, given that their bodies produce large amounts of the cortisol hormone.

When produced in large numbers, cortisol decreases the amount of collagen present in your skin. It is a protein located in the skin fibers and one which helps the skin keep stretching.

2. Pregnancy

As a woman, when you are expectant, there is a likelihood that the body will begin forming white stripes, especially after your six months of pregnancy.

Pregnancy can leave you with white stretch marks

Pregnancy can leave you with white marks.

The body produces certain hormones when a woman is pregnant. The hormones play an important role in softening ligaments located in the pelvis region so that they can stretch more when the time to deliver the baby approaches.

However, the hormones helping soften the pelvis ligaments also lead to softening of the skin fibres, and this makes the body prone to stretch marks.

As the pregnancy proceeds, it is likely that you will develop stretch marks on the abdomen, given that the skin will get gradually stretched with time.

The white stretch marks may also manifest on the thighs and breasts as they also become bigger.

3. Gaining weight quickly

Putting on lots of weight over a very short period will also lead to the development of silver stripes.

The problem with such stretch marks is that they may remain even after you have lost the additional weight. The best news, however, is that they are likely to fade as time passes.

People who diet on a regular basis may find silver stripes forming as their weight levels go up and down. Whenever you are on a diet, you have to make sure that you lose weight steadily, as this will ensure that no additional strain is placed on your skin.

Athletes and body builders are also likely to get stretch marks due to increases in their muscle sizes.

4. Puberty and white stretch marks in teenagers

Young people, more so teenagers tend to grow at a very quick pace when they are approaching puberty. During their puberty stage, the body will develop in growth spurts that occur bit by bit.

Male teenagers will during this period develop white stretch marks on the back and shoulders; whereas female teenagers will get them on their thighs, breasts, and hips.

5. Hereditary /genetics

If your family has a history of getting white stripes, especially on your mother’s side, then there is a prospect that you may perhaps also develop the stretch marks with times.

The stretch marks affect both men and women, but women are more likely to get affected by the silver stripes.

Risk Factors for Stretch Marks

The following issues place you at risk of developing these stretch marks

  1. Being a lady
  2. Having pale skin
  3. Family history of stretch marks
  4. Being expectant
  5. Having history of delivering twins, or very large babies
  6. When you experience dramatic weight gain or loss
  7. In case you are using corticosteroid medications

How to Prevent White Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are the unsightly marks that appear on your skin, which are normally caused by sudden changes that take place in your body.

The appearance of the unsightly marks is common when one is pregnant. However, it is vital to understand that other factors cause the white marks, other than the skin stretching.

For instance, genetic predisposition also has the likelihood of increasing your chances of getting stretch marks.

However, it is possible for you to take certain preventive measures to help ensure that you will not have to deal with white marks appearing on your skin. Preventive measures include:

1. Apply coconut oil to prevent white stretch marks

Coconut oil remedies for white stretch marks and silver stripes

Coconut oil remedies for white and silver stripes.

Moisturizing is vital if you are to ensure that white stretch marks will not start to appear on the smooth surface of your skin.

One of the best ways to ensure that these happen is by applying coconut oil on a regular basis.

  1. Scoop a generous amount of coconut oil in your hands and apply it all over your skin, paying attention to thighs and buttocks
  2. Take your time to massage all the areas where the oil has been applied to assist the skin in absorbing the oil
  3. Try to repeat the process three times each day

If coconut oil is not readily available in your residence, you can always substitute it with Shea Butter, Emu oil, or cocoa butter.

2. Using castor oils to prevent white stretch marks

When a woman is expectant, she will often be advised by her doctor to use castor oil packs on a daily basis to help in keeping the marks at bay.

Over the last few decade, people have used castor oil to help in preventing wrinkles, blemishes, age-related problems, as well as in helping retain moisture, which is vital in ensuring  marks will not occur.

  1. Open the castor oil packets and apply a generous amount of this oil to the skin surface
  2. Always pay attention to areas where stretch marks are more likely to occur such as the buttocks, thighs, and breasts
  3. Once applied, take a saran or plastic wrap and tie it around the area where you have applied the castor oil
  4. Tie it properly, and then apply some heat using a hot water bottle or a heating pad for a minimum of twenty minutes
  5. You have to ensure that you repeat this process on a daily basis, or at least a few times each week

Given that castor oil can be a bit thick, you can thin it by combining it with two tablespoons of almond oil before applying it to your skin surface.

3. Remain hydrated

Water helps in ensuring that you remain hydrated. Consuming lots of water each day will make sure that your skin remains hydrated at all times.

When you are hydrated, it means that your skin remains supple, and this in return helps in ensuring that it is elastic.

When skin elasticity is maintained, it means that the skin layers become less prone to tearing, hence guaranteeing fewer or no stretch marks at all.

To ensure that you will get the best results, try to consume a minimum of two liters of water each day.

4. Maintain a diet that is balanced

When it comes to nourishing your skin, there is a need to make certain that any diet you consume is rich in Zinc, Silica, and Vitamin C.

All these minerals and vitamins are vital in making certain that your regenerative tissue stays intact.

For instance, Silica and Zinc are vital in helping the synthesis of collagen. Therefore, when you include food items such as blueberries, carrots, green beans, and nuts to your diet, you are making sure that you have what it takes to regenerate connective tissue.

5. Increase your vitamin E intakeincrease-your-vitamin-e-intake

Free radicals are very common in the body, and the only way to keep them at bay is by making sure that you consume lots of vitamin E.

Vitamin E is considered to be a very powerful antioxidant which plays an important role in protecting all the collagen fibres that are found in your body from damage that may be caused by these free radicals.

To ensure that you enjoy all the benefits that come with consuming vitamin E, make certain to eat foods such as

  • Sunflower seeds
  • Avocados
  • Spinach
  • Pumpkins
  • Almonds
  • Olives

You can also take it upon yourself to regularly massage your skin surface using vitamin E creams or oils a few times each day.

Consuming the Vitamin E supplements may also help.

How to Get Rid of White Stretch Marks Fast

Given that silver stripes appearing on your skin surface can make you self-conscious, it is always best to try to do what you can to get rid of the unsightly lines. The following home remedies can help in removing stretch marks from your body.

1. Egg white remedy for silver stripes

When it comes to home remedies, egg whites can be considered the number one source of proteins.

When battling silver stripes, you will want only to use the egg whites. The egg whites contain proteins and amino acids.


  • Take two eggs and proceed to separate the whites from the egg yolks
  • Once separated, proceed to whip the whites using a fork
  • Before you can apply the whites, you will need first to clean the area to be treated using water
  • Take a makeup brush and use it to apply the egg whites
  • Always provide them with enough time to dry before you can rinse the affected area using a bowl of cold water
  • Use a towel to dab the area before applying some olive oil to ensure that this area remains moisturized during the day

2. Exfoliating to remove silver stripes fast

Exfoliation helps in removing the top skin layer, which comprises of dead skin cells and bacteria. In order to exfoliate your skin, you will need to use natural white sugar. Here’s how to get rid of white stretch marks or silver stripes fast by exfoliating.

  • Take a tablespoon of natural white sugar and mix it with lemon juice and almond oil
  • For the lemon juice and almond oil, you should only make sure that you use a few drops
  • Ensure that this mixture has been properly done before you can apply it in other areas that have the white and silver stripes.
  • When applying, it is recommended that you use your fingertips to massage the skin for a few minutes before you can move on to the next area
  • It is recommended that exfoliation is done for at least thirty days before you can start seeing changes in the skin surface

3. Vitamin e for white stretch marks

Vitamin E is another home remedy that can be used in eliminating white stretch marks. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps in clearing all the toxins present on your skin surface, thereby leaving it healthy and very vibrant.

It is, therefore, important when it comes to treating the scar tissues that could be present on the skin surface. You can extract vitamin E oil from gel capsules, or purchase it from grocery stores and pharmacies.

  • When applying, you will need either a bottle containing pure vitamin E oil, or a few capsules of vitamin E oil
  • When using these capsules, you may need to poke them slightly using a needle to help access the oil
  • Once poked, proceed to squeeze out the oil
  • The amount of vitamin E oil needed will depend on the nature and amount of stretch marks that are present on your body
  • Take your vitamin E oil and rub it into each stretch mark that is present before proceeding to massage this area gently
  • It is recommended that you apply the Vitamin E oil to the marks at least twice each day.

4. Emu oil

White stretch marks appearing on your skin makes you look and feel unattractive. Stretch marks are even more bothersome when they occur in areas that are exposed, and viewable to all.

Emu oil contains properties that are capable of penetrating the skin surface and therefore comes in handy when dealing with skin problems such as stretch scars.

It contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which stimulate the growth of new skin cells. Emu oil also contains oleic and Linolenic acids.


  • Take Emu oil, in the form of creams and lotions and apply it to the body after taking a shower
  • Scoop the oil in your hands and proceed to apply it gently to all the areas with white stretch marks
  • Alternatively, you can place the oil in your bath water and use it when bathing at least two times each week

5. Essential oils for white stretch stripes

When dealing with white stretch marks or other skin related problems, essential oils will be the best alternatives.

Common essential oils used in treating stretch marks include:

  • Geranium
  • Vetiver
  • Helichrysum
  • Neroli
  • Lavender
  • Mandarin

All the above essential oils contain regenerative properties, which help in slowing down the skin ageing process, hydrate your skin, and improve its flexibility, which is vital in recovering all the skin cells that have been damaged.

Given that these oils are highly concentrated, it is vital to make sure that you combine them with carrier oils before application.

The best carrier oils include:

  • Jojoba
  • Primrose
  • Carrot essential oils
  • Almond
  • Apricot

6. Excimer laser and fraxel laser

According to Dr. Fox, though the Excimer laser can help in the removal of white stretch marks, the best option is to go with Fraxel laser.

His studies have shown that using Fraxel laser has led to fifty percent improvements in the color of the stripes in patients who have undergone the treatment for two or three times.

7. Microdermabrasion for white stretch mark removal

Microdermabrasion used crystals in helping exfoliate the skin. The particles get blasted on the skin surface in a bid to help remove the epidermins.

Once your upper skin removals are removed, collagen production and healing gets stimulated, and this helps in healing the tears that are present in your dermis, and in the process helps smoothen the complexion. Stimulating collagen production is vital as it makes the skin plump and taut.

If unsure of which stretch mark removal process to try out, sit down with your GP to get a detailed analysis of each method, as well as learn the pros and cons that come with each method.



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