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Benefits of HGH for Energy, Emotions, and Memory

by Dr. Joe Morales

Benefits of HGH for Energy, Emotions, and Memory

In its role as the body’s “master hormone,” HGH impacts more than growth. We need human growth hormone for metabolism, energy, brain functions, emotional well-being, heart health, immunity, cell regeneration, and more. When you think about it, HGH impacts every aspect of our lives in some way. That is why the benefits of HGH for energy, emotions, and memory are essential for overall quality of life.

We see the benefits of HGH with our eyes, in part because human growth hormone aids vision. More importantly, the results of increasing HGH levels improve the appearance of our skin, hair, and body composition.

How do we feel the benefits of boosting human growth hormone? Energy levels, metabolism, focus, mood, and libido all improve. These are areas we can feel as we go about our day.

We experience the benefits of HGH and energy increase as we meet deadlines, accomplish chores, and spend quality time with loved ones.

In each of these areas, HGH helps to improve our lives. Unfortunately, for many adults, the reverse is true. Growth hormone deficiency drains us of energy, brings on feelings of depression, and impacts memory and brain functions. Our lives begin to suffer.

The Many Ways HGH Benefits Energy Levels

Energy comes to us in many ways. We start by carefully selecting the foods we eat for maximum fuel. If we eat a lot of junk food, then our bodies will not respond kindly. Metabolism must function properly to turn what we consume into fuel – not fat. The connection between HGH and energy levels occurs because growth hormone regulates metabolism. When HGH levels decline, what you eat becomes fat – not fuel.

That is the first way that HGH benefits energy.

Next, we focus on the body’s cells. Your body turns food into glucose which provides fuel to the cells. Insulin helps prompt the cells to accept the glucose which they then use as energy. A poor diet puts too much glucose in the bloodstream. Your body must secrete more insulin, and that often leads to insulin sensitivity. People with low HGH levels have a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. With poor glucose uptake, you lose out on the necessary energy you need.

If you boost HGH, increase energy, and improve glucose uptake, insulin levels will decline. You reduce the diabetes risk.

Lack of sleep also impacts the benefits of HGH for energy, emotions, and memory. Sleep is when HGH production is at its highest point. However, when HGH levels are low, cortisol levels rise. Cortisol, also called the stress hormone, is an antagonist of HGH, preventing its secretion. Elevated cortisol makes it difficult for the body and brain to relax at night. You do not get enough sleep (minimum 7 hours) and wake up feeling tired. Not only do you have too little energy to power your day, but you also feel emotionally drained.

HGH and Emotional Well-Being

With growth hormone deficiency, reduced HGH energy levels negatively impact your emotional well-being. HGH receptors in the brain help to boost endorphin levels since HGH can cross the blood-brain barrier. These endorphins can regulate your mood. When the brain’s receptor cells do not receive enough HGH, endorphin production declines.

This direct impact is not the only way that countering depression with the benefits of HGH for energy, emotions, and memory will work. HGH deficiency also impacts you in the following ways that can contribute to a downward spiral in emotional well-being:

  • Reducing cell regeneration which causes:
    • Skin appearance to age
    • Hair to become thinner, turn to gray, or fall out
    • Increase in fat accumulation, especially in the abdominal region
    • Loss of muscle mass
    • Weak bones and joint pains
  • Decreasing sexual responses including:
    • Low sex drive
    • Slow arousal
    • Impaired sexual functions
    • Reduced pleasure
  • Impacting the immune system by:
    • Weakening immunity to invading germs
    • Causing more frequent illness
    • Taking longer to heal
  • Increasing the risk of the following health concerns:
    • Cardiovascular disease
    • Atherosclerosis
    • High blood pressure
    • Osteoporosis
    • Obesity
    • Type 2 diabetes

We could go on and on, but you probably understand how these, and many other changes can impact your emotional health.

Benefits of HGH for Memory and Recall

No discussion about the benefits of HGH for energy, emotions, and memory would be complete without looking at brain functions. Remember how we mentioned that the brain contains HGH receptors? They are there for more than just emotional well-being. These receptor cells also help regulate learning, cognitive processing, memory, focus, and drive.

Forgetfulness or brain fog are frequent complaints of adults with growth hormone deficiency. Forgetting why you walked into a room may not seem like a big deal right now. However, if it continues to worsen, or if you notice that you have a difficult time remembering important dates, appointments, names, or anything else. It may be due to low HGH levels.

The risk of dementia increases for people with growth hormone deficiency. HGH therapy can help strengthen all cognitive functions.

Whether you want HGH for energy or to improve your mood or memory, our hormone clinic can help. Complete the form above or call us directly for your confidential consultation – at no charge.

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