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Weird Signs of Pregnancy

by Dr. Joe Morales

According to Dr. Kristine Eule, the body changes a lot during pregnancy. Apart from the normal pregnancy symptoms such as mood swings, frequent urination, nausea, metallic taste in the mouth, and breast enlargement—some women experience weird signs of pregnancy.

When you are pregnant, you will experience very many symptoms, and as such, nothing you experience can really be termed be termed abnormal. Often, when your body undergoes any changes, they are likely to cause a lot of worry and distress, and it is therefore, a good idea to ensure that you express all your concerns to your physician.

Weird signs of pregnancy

Unusual or weird signs you are pregnant.

Most weird symptoms occurring in your body can be attributed to the increasing pregnancy hormone in your body, which include progesterone and estrogen, which are very normal. Pregnancy symptoms can only be termed as abnormal or weird if they impair the body’s ability to function properly, in which case you will need to visit a doctor for proper diagnosis.


Pregnancy: Uncommon Signs

Even though they may seem unusual, these symptoms could be a normal part of pregnancy. At some point, you could have had all or some of the following symptoms, and you may notice that they will start occurring on a frequent basis when you become pregnant. In some cases, they are an indication of a serious underlying issue, hence the need to have them checked out. They include the following:

Weird stuff will start coming out of you

Even though there are women who experience vaginal discharge, the condition is not associated with pregnancy alone. However, when you are pregnant, you will start secreting sticky pale yellow or white mucus very early in your first trimester, as well as during the entire pregnancy.

Increased vaginal blood flow as well as hormones causes the discharge. They increase when you are pregnant in order to help prevent infections, as the vaginal walls and the cervix soften when a woman is pregnant. You should visit your doctor if the discharge starts to burn, becomes smelly, turns yellow, greenish, and becomes watery or very thick as it could mean that you are dealing with an infection.

The body increases the heat

After ovulation, when you wake up each morning, there is a likelihood that the body temperature will have become slightly elevated. Often, the temperatures will remain at these levels, until your next period comes along.

The temperature is known as basal temperature. If it remains elevated for at least two weeks, it is an indication that you are pregnant.

You will feel cramps, want to pee, and the head will hurt at all times

According to Healthline.com, blood volume and hormonal changes when you are pregnant may lead to you experiencing headaches at all time. There are women that will experience period-like cramps on both or one side of the lower abdomen. In addition, many women will start making many trips to the restroom—this is because the growing uterus will put additional pressure on the bladder, hence the need to make additional trips.

You will feel like the room is spinning

It is not unusual for a woman who is pregnant to feel dizzy or light headed when she is in her first trimester.

  • When you become pregnant, your pregnancy will cause your blood pressure to start dropping, and in turn, your blood vessels will become dilated.

It is important to ensure that you always pay attention to the kind of symptoms that you are experiencing. Severe dizziness that is accompanied with severe abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding may be a sign that you have an ectopic pregnancy—this is where the egg that has been fertilized is implanted on the outer part of your uterus. You need to see the doctor as soon as possible, to avoid complications that could be life threatening.


Pregnancy will make you feel bloated, as if you want to go number two, or pass gas. However, you will find that this is not happening. This is because the hormonal changes experienced when pregnant will make you feel constipated all the time.

It is normal for the digestive system to slow down when you become pregnant. The slow-down will provide nutrients with enough time to be absorbed into the blood stream, ensuring that they reach your unborn baby. If you are unable to go, you need to exercise on a regular basis, add fiber into your diet, and ensure that you drink more fluids.

A false period

According to Healthline.com, about twenty-five to thirty percent of all pregnant women will bleed lightly, or notice spotting during the early days of their pregnancy. Slight bleeding occurs when the fertilized egg becomes attached to your uterine lining—a condition known as implantation bleeding. The condition is normal within the first fourteen days of conception.

  • Slight bleeding can be caused by an ectopic pregnancy, threatened miscarriage, or cervical irritation.
  • It is important to ensure you seek immediate medical help if the bleeding becomes heavy, or is accompanied by back pain, stabbing pains, or severe cramps.

Get some tissues, pour yourself some tea, and curl up in your bed

When you become pregnant, you will find that your immune system will become affected. As such, you will be prone to colds, the flu, as well a cough. For pregnant women, it is not uncommon to experience flu-like symptoms or a cold during the early days.

You need to speak to your doctor about how you can get treatment options that are safe for your pregnancy. It is important to understand that as a pregnant woman, you are more prone to illnesses such as the flu, which may lead to serious health concerns for the unborn baby.

Chest burns

Hormonal changes when pregnant are known to change everything in your body, including the functioning of the valve between the stomach the esophagus. During early pregnancy, the area will become relaxed, this may cause stomach acid to start leaking into the esophagus, and this will in turn cause heartburns.

You can fight the chest burns by ensuring that you eat smaller, but more frequent meals. Additionally, you need to ensure that you cut out the fried grub. You also need to make sure that you stay away from the fuzzy drinks, spicy foods, juices, as well as citrus fruits.

You become an emotional wreck

The hormones will suddenly change when pregnant. At times, you will be up, and then you will be down. The hormonal changes could make you emotionally unstable. You may find yourself being unusually emotional or weepy. In addition, you could also experience mood swings—something that is very common during the early days of your pregnancy.

Metal taste in your mouth

Increases in progesterone and estrogen hormones may lead to changes in taste for most pregnant women. The condition is known as dysegusia. Pregnant women with this condition will feel like they chomping on old pennies as they take their lunch. As a pregnant woman, you can eliminate this taste by chewing sugarless gum. Additionally, consider taking many cold foods as well as taking spicy food.


When you look at some of these symptoms, you could think that you are run down o just stressed. However, if you experience all these symptoms together, it could point to you being pregnant. You need to pay attention to the signs being communicated by your body—this might be the time for you to take a home pregnancy test, or see your doctor about taking one.


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