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Bruised Arm Muscle, Vein from IV Blood Draw and a Red Bruise on Arm

by Dr. Joe Morales

A bruised arm is easy to have given how many activities the hand is used to undertaking. Various parts could get bruised and one could suffer red bruise on arm as a result of a bruised vein, bruised arm muscle or unexplained bruise. This makes it important to know how to get rid of a bruise on arm.

Bruised vein in arm

Most bruises come about as a result of leakage from veins that have been struck and crushed. Any injury that is strong enough to damage a vein will cause some leakage that is seen as a bruise.

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Bruised arm after IV, muscle twist

Bruised arm after IV, muscle twist or blood draw.

It is normal to have a bruised vein in the arm.  This mostly occurs when there is reduced body fat on the skin. This causes muscles to put on pressure against the veins leading to bruises on the. If left unattended this could be painful.

To clear the unsightly nuisance that is bruised veins, it is important to seek the attention of a care provider. This will help in correcting the bruised vein and clear up any bulge that may have resulted. In some cases, the bruising may also come with some swelling. This could result in a disruption of blood pumping to the heart which could be dangerous. With time, there are could be severe pooling of blood around the bruised vein. This is no good.

Bruised arm muscle for no reason

Sometimes people complain of a bruised arm for no reason. When one is involved in sports and other physical activities, it is possible to experience bruised muscles and soreness at times.

Soreness of the muscles is common but bruising could indicate a serious injury. Bruising for no reason should heal quickly if well taken care off. In case this is not done, on could experience damage of deep tissues as well as various complications. Below are some things that on could do for a bruised arm muscle.

The first thing one should do when they suspect a bruised muscle is see a sports specialist or sports doctor. An accurate diagnosis will help know whether the injury is a muscle tear or just a injury to soft tissue. After that, one can take anti-inflammatory drugs to relief pain.

Once this has been done apply the RICE technique to get it feeling better. This involves Rest, ice, compression and elevation. Stay away from activities that may strain the hand. In the first 24 hours after you have bruised your arm, ice it for fifteen minutes every one hour. After that and up to 48 hours one can make use of a warm compress. Keeping the bruised had elevated will help to prevent blood pooling around the injured muscle.

Since bruising does not break the skin, one could also rub muscle cream on. One can get this from a drugstore without prescription. After proper treatment, one should keep off the activities that led to the bruising until the arm is fully healed. In case severe pain is experienced, see a doctor immediately.

Bruised arm from IV or blood draw?

A blood draw will cause a bruise on your arm. In most cases bruising forms when blood capillaries located close to the surface of the skin are damaged as a result of the impact of trauma. The trauma could be an injury, blow or compression that is subjected to the skin but is not strong enough to break the skin so as blood can leak out.

When bruises are formed, the blood that leaks out appears as black or blue marks. These the keep changing color until all the blood is reabsorbed and the bruise mark disappears.

Hard blows tend to cause bruises that are larger. People who suffer from spontaneous bruising can however get easily bruised by minor trauma. In other cases, they could get injured out of unexplained circumstances.

Red bruise on arm and yellow, purple bruises

When one gets a bruised arm, the bruise could take on different colors. These mostly indicate the stage of healing at which the bruise is. Yellow bruise on your arm or a dark red bruise on arm are colors indicating healing.

A fresh bruise will normally be purple or blue in color.

Where the bruise is not extremely painful and has got no swelling, it should be left to heal. In case it becomes painful, is swollen or appears infected, that is when one should consult a primary care giver. They will examine the bruise and prescribe what is necessary.

Whatever the cause may be, this kind of bruise should be dealt with just like any other. Ensure you have enough rest and that your arm is not strained. Also make use of compresses to prevent blood from pooling around. Keeping it elevated could also go a long way in helping it to heal fast.

It is possible for one to suffer spontaneous bruises. These come about without any known source of trauma. Easy bruising normally occurs where some medication result in blood thinning.  Inefficiency in elements of blood clotting could also contribute to this. Where these are suspected, see a doctor.

Unexplained bruise on arm

An unexplained bruise on arm could occur as a result of a number of things. Easy bruising is most common in older adults. This is because as people get older, the skin becomes thin and loses the protective layer of fat as well. This makes it easy to have a bruised arm.

Some medication could as well contribute to unexplained bruising on the arms. Anticoagulant medication, aspirin and anti-platelet agents are known to reduce the ability of the body to have blood clot. This makes the time taken for bleeding capillaries to stop longer. As a result, enough of it leaks causing bruises.

Dietary supplements such as ginkgo and fish oil contribute to thinning of blood. These could therefore cause unexplained bruises on the arms. Corticosteroids are another set of medication that could cause thinning of the skin. These are common in persons suffering from asthma, allergies and eczema. These make it easy for one to suffer easy bruising.

In case after using certain drugs one experiences unexplained bruising, they should not quit usage. Instead, they should discuss their concerns with the doctor. The doctor will be in a position to advice on what is most appropriate and what may be necessary to avoid.

How to get rid of a bruise on arm

A bruised arm can be conspicuous if left unattended. There however are ways on how to get rid of a bruise on arm. These will help in getting rid of them and helping them to fade in any discoloration that may come with them.

Apply ice packs on arm bruises

Applying ice to the bruised area helps to constrict any injured blood vessels. This helps in preventing the bruise from enlarging.One can make use of an ice bag, an ice pack or frozen vegetables.

Use a piece of cloth to wrap up the ice and apply this on the bruise for the minutes. This can be done after every hour. Apart from getting rid of the bruise, it will also help in preventing the area from swelling.

Heat compresses to heal arm bruises

Ice compresses are most effective treatments in the first 24 hours of bruising. Once this time has elapsed, one should use some warm compress. Heat helps in circulating any blood that may have gathered beneath the skin. It will thus help in flushing out any blood that may have pooled around the bruise. One can make use of a warm piece of cloth or a hot water bottle. Apply the compress every hour.

Elevate your bruised arm to help it  heal faster

Propping a bruised limb helps in ensuring that blood does not flow to the bruised area. You can make use of pillows to ensure the arms are elevated beyond the level of the heart.

Topical ointment for red bruises on arm

Applying topical bruising ointment or bruise cream can go a long way in eliminating bruises. Aloe vera and arnica gels can be applied on bruises to help them heal fast. These are available in drugstores over the counter.

In case despite various treatments the bruises do not appear to be getting better,one should see a doctor. To prevent unnecessary discomfort, rest as much as possible and take things easy.avoid touching the bruise as much as possible to avoid making it worse. In case you decide to conceal the bruise, apply makeup that is appropriate for the skin tone on your arms.



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