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Natural Home Remedies for Bruises on Face, Legs, Thighs and Breast

by Dr. Joe Morales

The easiest way of dealing with bruises is by making use of home remedies for bruises. These come in many forms and include natural home remedies as well as herbal remedies for bruises such as parsley and arnica.

Home remedies for bruises on face, legs, body, thighs

Bruising could occur on any part of the body. Depending on the severity, it is possible to make use of home remedies for bruises on face, legs, body, thighs, stomach, arms and on any other part of the body. There are many things one can do to relieve pain as well as make the bruise get better.

To begin with, one should kick off by managing the bruises so as to avoid further damage.  Taking enoughrest goes a long way in helping out. Working tends to increase the flow of blood to the bruised are. To avoid further injury, take a rest. Retiring earlier than is usual will go a long way in giving the body time torepairitself.

Start off by elevating the area that has been bruised. This is important as it helps in reducing the flow of blood to the area as it will be working against gravity. This way pooling of blood is prevented which in turn reduces discoloration.

This best works on legs which can be raised with the help of pillows. Being even only a few inches above the heart will help. Arms could also benefit from this if you prop it up using a few pillows or on an arm rest.  Other than managing and preventing the bruises from getting worse, there are other interventions like discussed below.

1. Massage to heal face bruises naturally

A gentle massage of the bruised area and its surrounding helps the lymphatic process of the body to clear up. The pressure applied should not make the bruise painful. In case the bruise becomes painful just let go the process.

2. Apply ice packs indirectly

Icing is among the most popular home remedies for bruises. Applying ice on the affected area as soon as it gets hurt will go a long way in ensuring that the paling process is speeded up. By applying ice, the blood vessels and surrounding area are cooled. As a result, less blood leaks to the area.

There are some ice packs available which are designed for injuries. Where one has none of these, wrapping some ice cubes in a piece of cloth or soaking it in ice cold water will do. You could alsosubstitute with a bag of frozen vegetables wrapped up in a towel. Keep the wrap on for up to ten minutes and do not use it before 20 minutes are over.

3. Elastic bandage remedy for leg bruises

In case the bruising is on the leg or arm, wrapping the area using an elastic bandage should be done. This helps to squeeze tissues underneath and help in preventing blood from leaking. By reducing the flow of blood to the bruise, discoloration is minimized as well.

4. Heat treatment to get rid of bruises faster

In case the bruise is more than 24 hours old and you have been cooling it off, it is now time for heat treatment. One can make use of an electric heating pad for a number of times a day for twenty minutes each.

A warm compress could also serve the same purpose. Make use of a hot water bottle or compresses heated in the microwave. These are available in medical stores. In general, wet heat does better than dry heat. Try as much as possible to use these.

5. Vinegar for bruising

When mixed with warm water, vinegar helps in the healing process. It will increase the flow of blood near the surface of the skin which will dissipate the blood that is pooled in the area of bruising.

Fast and Natural Remedies for Bruises

One way to treat bruises is to make use of natural remedies for bruises. These help to make for an easy and readily available treatment. Natural remedies are also cheap and will save on treatment cost. Some of these are as discussed below.

1. Sunlight heals bruising fast

Ultra violet light helps in breaking down the hemoglobin product that is the cause of yellow color in bruises. The product is known as bilirubin. Where possible, one should expose the bruise to safe amounts of sunlight. This should be for around 15 minutes which will be enough in helping the breakdown without causing sun burns.

2. Vinegar is a quick treatment

This is yet another natural remedy for bruises which helps in increasing the flow of blood. Mix it with warm water.

3. Pineapple is also a rapid home remedy

This contains bromelain, a digestive enzyme found. It helps in breaking down proteins. This is important as the proteins tend to trap fluids in the tissues after one is injured. With this, that is stopped.

4. Use parsley to heal bruises naturally

Applying parsley on the bruised area helps in reducing inflammation and pain. Italso helps in fading the bruise at a faster rate.Crush a handful of fresh parsley leaves and apply them around the bruise. Use an elastic bandage to wrap the area.

5. Lavender essential oil

This can help the bruise to go away with time. One should not use too much as it could cause a burning sensation. This when mixed with a carrier oil such as  olive or coconut oil as  well as Shea butter should be applied on the area and bandaged.

6. Use a coin to erase a bruise fast

Applying a coin on the bruised area and pressing it down gently for a minute could also help. Move the coin around the area to allow clotted blood under the bruised skin to disburse. This will help to fade the bruise within no time.

7. Potato peels cure for bruises

These act as great home remedies for bruises. They are known to deal with a number of skin issues. Fresh potato peels can be used to ease bruises. Apply a fresh cut on the bruise. You can use a band aid to secure it around. Change when it dries up.

Herbal remedies for bruises

For people who are into herbs, there are a number of herbal remedies for bruises to pick from. These when used as directed will help take care of the bruises. The fact that they are also natural remedies makes them all the better.


Arnica herb has been used for a long time to treat bruises. It contains medicinal properties that help in reducing swellings and inflammation. One can apply its gel or ointment on the area.


Some fresh parsley leaves when crushed will work on the bruise. Apart from making it fade fast, they also help to reduce inflammation and pain on the bruise. Apply the crashed leaves on the bruise and use a band aid to secure them around.

Arnica for bruises

Arnica has for along time been used to speed the healing process of bruises. It has been used to helppatients recovering from surgery. An arnica regimen will help patients to recover from serious injuries fast. It helps to reduce the level of inflammation in bruising.

Arnica for bruises is often used in the form of a topical salve. Rub it directly on the bruised skin to allow it to penetrate into the skin and improve circulation of blood.

It is also possible to use it in a dilute form by adding it to bath water. It can also be used as a compress and applied on the bruises.Other than the above, arnica is also available in the form of gel and ointments for daily use.

Vitamin K for Bruises

The body needs vitamin K to aid in blood clotting. A deficiency in vitamin K is a potential cause of easy bruising on the skin. To get enough of it one should make sure they eat a lot of leafy green vegetables. It also helps to reduce the fragility of the blood vessels.

Topical vitamin K for bruises helps to speed up the healing process. Bruising is significantly reduced once it is applied on the skin. It is available in the form of vitamin K cream. One can purchase this from a local drugstore and use it as instructed.

Comfrey cure for bruises

To ease the discomfort, one could also use warm comfrey presses for bruises. These contain compounds that will help to reduce swelling as well as stimulate growth of new skin cells. To make use of this, get 30 grams of dry comfrey leaves and add to them two cups of boiling water. Let this steep for ten minutes before straining. Once done soak a wash cloth in the solution and hold it on the bruise.

Bromelain for bruise treatment

Bromelain, a protein digesting enzyme, can be found occurring naturally in pineapples. It is an anti-inflammatory product well known in decreasing bruises by breaking down the proteins responsible for trapping fluids after injuries. Bromelainfor bruises also eases pain and swelling.

In most cases, eating pineapples may not provide enough of it to heal the bruises. One ought to take a dose of 250 mg thrice each day. This will go a long way in healing the bruises.

Warm compress

Warm compresses have been known to make bruises better.  They come in two forms. One can make use of dry warm compresses or wet warm compresses. The wet ones seem to have a greater impact than does the dry one.

To avoid making the bruise worse, these should not be for long durations without breaks. It is alsoadvisable that these are only used after 24hours have passed after the bruising.

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