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Best Drugstore Concealer for Dark Circles Under Eyes

by Dr. Joe Morales

What is a good drugstore concealer product for covering dark circles under your eyes? Dark circles under eyes and puffiness can be quite a bore. They make you look tired and add more years to your face. A good concealer is the best effective make up tool to hide under eye blemishes and dark spots. In this article, find out; about the best drugstore concealer for dark circles under eyes, puffy eyes and other discolorations. Also check out our list of great inexpensive concealers.

What Is the Best Drugstore Concealer for Dark Circles?

Dark under eye circles are actually blood vessels that are visible below the skin. As one ages, the delicate skin below the eyes thins. This is even made worse with exposure to sunlight and lack of sleep. It is important to note that dark circles appear for many reasons including: Age, exposure to sunlight, vascular issues, lack of sleep and thin skin tissue. For under eye area, go for a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone.


Best Drugstore Concealer For Dark Circles Under Eyes

Here are ways in which you can reduce appearance of dark under eye circles.

  1. For vascular issues, try using a pillow to prevent blood from pooling around your eyes during the    night
  2. Take antihistamines if dark circles are allergy induced
  3. If you have thin tissue, try using collagen based eye creams to increase collagen production
  4. For a quick fix, invest in a good concealer

It is a challenge for many women to hide under eye circles as they appear so obvious. So, many may ask, what is the best drugstore concealer for dark under eye circles? A good concealer is one that blends well with your skin tone, lifts your features covers up those dark circles without being noticeable.

What color of concealer to cover dark circles? Using the color wheel, find out which color is best to cancel out the type of blemishes that you have. If you have brown colored circles, go for orange or peach concealer. This is the most common category of dark spots under eyes. if you have blue blemishes, use a yellow based concealer. Always, go for a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone. Gel based concealers will not cake making them more reliable even in the sun. Here is my favorite concealer good for dark circles.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer with treatment, $8.99, comes in six different shades (best for very dark circles)

Complete this look with , Maybelline Fit Me foundation and Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Down Powder.

  • Other drugstore under eye concealers includes;
  • It cosmetics-bye bye under eye at $24
  • Eve pearl salmon concealer at $32
  • Bobbi brown corrector at $22

Best Cheap Concealer for Dark Circles

What is the best drugstore concealer for dark circles under eyes? What is the best inexpensive concealer for dark circles? Many of us would want to look great at a lower cost but most of the times, with the fear of cheap is expensive. Most people actually think that dark circles do not stand a chance with cheap concealers especially those from the drugstore. It is important to know that even when looking for the best cheap concealer for dark circles, ensure you that you still get the best results out of it. In this article, is a list of top three great inexpensive eye concealers best for dark circles under $20.

Bare Minerals Concealer

Bare Minerals Concealer with spf

  • Bare minerals correcting broad spectrum with spf 20 at $20
  • Smashbox camera ready full coverage at $20
  • Clinique all about eye at $18

Best Drugstore Concealer for Dark Circles and Blemishes

Every woman should invest in a good concealer to achieve a flawless skin. Finding the best  drugstore concealer for dark circles and blemishes can be very difficult with so many products to choose from. To get the best out of a product;

  • Know your problem and understand it
  • Get the right make up products and tools
  • Be patient while applying makeup, do not rush

    Dark eye circles

    Dark Under  Eye Circles

Here are issues you might encounter while using drugstore concealer to cover up under eye blemishes and how to solve them.

Caking -you need to apply more cream. If it’s too greasy, then you have too much cream on. You might actually need to start make up from scratch.

Creasing– set with a little more powder

Not bright enough– dab on some eye cream, reapply corrector and then concealer.

Runs off– you most likely applied too much moisturizer. Always allow moisturizer to dry off before applying concealer

The best drugstore concealer for dark circles and blemishes should neutralize the blemishes rather than draw attention to them. Use a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your skin. According to Paulaschoice.com, “Depending on how much coverage you need it can be applied over or under the foundation. For less coverage, apply before foundation, for more coverage, apply on top of foundation.”

Good Drugstore Concealer for Dark Circles 2013, 2014, 2015

For any woman who loves to look gorgeous, a great concealer is always atop her list of makeup products.  But with a very wide variety of products to choose from, it is quite a challenge to get one that best suits you for the sorely for covering up under eye circles and spots.

The best drugstore concealer for dark circles should counter any color of blemish be it redness or bluish eye circles. Color correcting is an option when flesh tone concealer does not work to neutralize severe discolorations. It takes practice to get this color based concealers to work right.

According to Paula,

Lavender: counteracts sallow or yellowness in the skin

Yellow: counteracts deep purple tones such as dark circles or scarring; pale yellow works well to highlight brows and cheekbones but it must be pale, not gold

Green: neutralizes redness, including diffuse redness from rosacea

Pink: Neutralizes a blue cast on lighter skin tones; can enliven very pale skin

Orange/Salmon: neutralizes blue to deep purple or grayish tones on deeper skin tones

Here are some of highly rated drugstore concealers for dark circles under the eyes.

  • Erase paste benefit at $26, it is creamy, easy to blend and has a pink under tones
  • Kevyn Aucoin at $45, it is creamy and offers full coverage
  • M.A.C at $20, a mineral packed creamy concealer that brightens the dark under eyes
  • Bobbi Brown at $30 is a brightening cream that illuminates under eyes.
  • Cle de Peau concealer at $70, it has a full coverage and blends easily ideal for under eyes.
  • Bobbi brown creamy concealer at $25 with 12 different colors
  • Laura mercier’s secret camouflage at $34 with 8 different variants
  • Elf’s starter kit at $20

Best under Eye Concealer for Dark Circles

It is very challenging to choose a concealer that will give you great results when hiding those under eyes circles. The importance of a concealer can never be underestimated. However, finding one that will not cake, crease or run off in the next few hours is difficult.

The best drugstore  under eye concealer for dark circles should be creamy, lightweight formula with good coverage so that you don’t need to apply too much. It should work perfectly without anyone noticing it. The way you apply it matters too. Use your finger to dab a little into the skin. The warmth from your skin helps in blending the product into the skin

You should always remember to check through the list of ingredients before trying on any new concealer for dark discoloration around the eyes. Go through all shades and if possible, make swatches on your hand to be sure of the right shade. Always choose one that is lighter than your skin tone.

How to Conceal Dark Circles under Eyes with Drugstore Concealer Makeup

Dark under eye circles can be very difficult to deal with especially if one does not know how to work around the right make up products and application ‘formula’ to achieve a full coverage that stays on longer. First of all, it is important to maintain hygiene and work out a routine to help you stick to the best makeup habits for your face. Here is a detailed procedure and make up tips on how to conceal dark circles under eyes with drugstore concealer makeup.

Before and after under eye concealer

Before and after under eye concealer


1.Choose your concealer

It is best not to use your basic concealer for under eyes. Rather, choose an under eye concealer as this is specially made to cover dark spots by brightening the dark areas under the eyes. The eye area is susceptible to fine lines. Choose a concealer that has ingredients like vitamin A to prevent concealer from settling into the creases. Try Dior Skin Sculpt Smoothing Lifting Concealer at $35

2. Prepare your face by cleansing with a mild cleanser and apply moisturizer

3. Cover your under eye circles using concealer brush or your fingertip to dab concealer under your eyes. Starting from the inside corner outwards. A brush is considered more hygienic.

Note; never rub concealer around your eyes as the skin here is very delicate and easily damaged.

Be sure to apply concealer evenly so that there is no obvious change in tone between your skin and the concealer.

Do not forget the area around the inside of your nose especially if your eyes are deep set as this will leave you looking sleepy.

4. Set your concealer

When the under eye circles have been covered, add a layer of foundation over the concealer. You can use loose or compact powder for setting your concealer using a brush to reach the inside corners of your eyes. Dab a little extra powder on the area around the eyes to make sure the concealer does not run off in the course of the day. Use powder that is lighter than your skin tone because when powder touches wet concealer, it gets darker.

  1. Apply the rest of your make up.

It is also very important to note the following;

  • Check the ingredients of every product you use, to eliminate acne causing ingredients. For oily skin, you should avoid products with paraben and oils such as lanolin and coconut as these clog your pores leading to further break outs
  • Use mattifying products.
  • Use clean make up brushes and sponges to apply your products.
  • Wash your brushes often at least twice a week. Excess oils on brushes create breeding grounds for bacteria which can cause skin breakouts.
  • Use light strokes when applying makeup. Pressing and pulling on the skin can result in even more breakouts.
  • If you need more foundation to get full coverage, apply light layers and allow it to settle in well before applying the next application.


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