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How to Change Your Eye Color Naturally, Permanently with Surgery, Without Contacts

by Dr. Joe Morales

Is it possible to change your eye color naturally? Can you permanently change your eye color? Here’s how you can change your eye color using honey, surgery, Photoshop, and without using contacts.

Whenever you meet a person, the first thing that they are likely to notice will be your eye color. Even though the eye colors differ from person to person, the colors can be used to show your personality. What if you wanted to enhance or lighten your eye color? Can you do it naturally and safely? What options do you have?

Laser surgery to change eye color permanently

Laser surgery to change eye color permanently.

The basic eye colors include the following:

  • Green eyes
  • Hazel eyes
  • Grey eyes
  • Brown eye color
  • Blue eyes

Brown eyes are the most common eye color in the world with over 55% of the world’s population having brown eyes.” Even brown eyes can have variations. Some people with dark brown eyes want to lighten to make them light brown. Lightening eyes makes them brighter.

Just like how skin lightening has been seen to work naturally, and fast, there are many people, men and women alike, interested in learning how to change eye color naturally. Although it may be difficult to permanently change the color of your eyes, it is possible to slightly lighten or temporarily change your eye color.

But, before you can make a decision on how to go about darkening or lightening your eye color, you need to understand that the color is genetic.

All individuals have different and unique eye colors. The colors come about from a combination of various matching genes derived from past generations. Once combined, it results in three primary types of colors i.e. green, brown, and blue. With time, the color of your eyes is likely to start lightening, resulting in a change.

Is it possible to change eye color?

Yes. When a baby is born, it may start its life with eyes that are light colored, or it may have an iris that has a much darker hue. Melanin affects the color of your baby’s eyes—it is a pigment that typically adds color to the baby’s iris. It is what determines whether your baby will have brown or blue eyes—or an in-between color—the color will usually be set by the time the baby is rolling around to his or her first birthday.

What if it was possible for you to change your eye color at any time? It sure sounds like a very interesting preposition, which may soon become a reality to a big percent of the world’s percentage. Instead of relying on the temporal hue adjustment provided by colored contact lenses, you could soon be able to rely on laser treatment to achieve the same objective.

According to Dr. Laurie L. Dove, the laser treatment procedure has been patented in the United States, but has not received official approval from the Federal Regulators. The procedure works by focusing a light beam on the iris for a period of twenty seconds. The beam should penetrate the pigment, and after the intense penetration, your eye should spend the next few weeks gradually sloughing off the tissue—the tissue that will be discarded will be the brown melatonin. This will allow additional light to be reflected from the fibers that are around the iris, making your eyes to appear as though they are turning blue.


How to change eye color naturally?

If you have dark eyes, and wish to lighten their appearance, the following are natural methods that you can use to naturally change the color of your eyes.

1. How to change eye color with honey

Hone is claimed to lighten eye color slightly

Hone is claimed to lighten eye color slightly.

Does honey lighten eye color permanently? Can honey be used to change your eye color? There are people who doubt whether honey is an appropriate home remedy for use in changing your eye color. For those who have used it, and not found it to work, it could be because they used the wrong equipment and procedure. Over the years, honey has been used all over the world to treat various eye infections, making it an ideal remedy for use in lightening eye color.

Raw honey has been used and continues to be used as an antibacterial agent for the treatment of numerous eye infections. However, when it comes to changing your eye color, you cannot use it in the same manner as when treating an infection.

To change the eye color, you will need to use diluted honey, and more specifically diluted raw beech honeydew. Raw honey is recommended as it contains hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide is an antiseptic agent, and which naturally inhibits the production of melanin, making it ideal for bleaching purposes.

Caution: you should not use laboratory hydrogen peroxide, diluted or not, as it can lead to the loss of your sight.

When honey is diluted, it combines with your bodily fluids e.g. tears to release the desired amounts of hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide concentration will be naturally controlled, as such, you will end up with a very safe volume.

Here’s how to change your eye color with honey. Follow the steps below.

  1. Prepare distilled water
  2. Combine the raw beech honeydew with the warm distilled water in a ratio of 1:5
  3. Place the mixture in an eye dropper
  4. Use the eye dropper to put three drops into your eyes two times each day
  5. Store the remaining mixture in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.


When you use this mixture for the very first time, it is possible that you will experience some irritation in your eyes, which may last for a few days. But, this irritation will disappear with time as you become accustomed to the solution.

2. Use water

Do you have dark brown eyes and want to learn how to change your eye color? It is possible to use water to change the color of your eyes. Traditionally, water has been used together with honey in order to brighten eyes.

By, using lukewarm water, you could still be able to achieve this result. Lukewarm water often works better than cold water. You should, therefore, place the water in an eye dropper. You will then need to place at least three drops of the lukewarm water at least two times each day. You can apply the remedy in the morning and in the evenings after washing your face.

3. Foods that change eye color

The eyes are the key to your soul and health. The color of your eyes are a genetic trait, which are influenced by the genetic characteristics of your parents, but they may not necessarily conform to the regular genetic patterns. As such, it may not be possible to accurately speculate the color of a child’s eye when he or she is born. But, you can use the following food items to lighten your eye color:

1.    Uva UrSi Tea

This home remedy instantly relaxes your eyes, and in the process provides them with a much brighter appearance. Additionally, the tea is credited with being an ideal cure for numerous infections affecting the urinary tract system. Uva Ursi tea is an extreme antiseptic, which serves diuretic functions in your body.

2.    Spinach

Spinach, a vegetable available in many residences is rich in carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, which are known to render youthfulness to the eyes. Spinach has a high iron content, that serves to make the eyes brighter. A single cup of raw spinach normally yields twenty-seven calories of energy.

Change eye color permanently with surgery

Surgery is another method that can be used by a person looking for ways on how to change your eye color. If home remedies are not for you, you can consult your doctor to learn whether you are an ideal candidate for the stroma procedure. It is procedure that assists in lightening the eye colors, and one that is preferred by many celebrities across the world.

So what do you need to know about the stroma procedure?

  1. In this procedure, a thin layer of melanin, which is covering your eyes will be eliminated
  2. The brown layer gets disrupted, in order to reveal the blue layer beneath it
  3. The procedure is very safe, as it uses a very small amount of energy
  4. The surgical treatment will focus on your pupil, and it will in no way affect or enter your pupil
  5. Your head will be positioned in front of the stroma laser, and then stabilized so that it faces a tiny light
  6. A single eye will then be covered as a small energy laser scans your iris for treatment purposes
  7. The same procedure will also be performed on the other eye
  8. It takes a maximum of thirty minutes for this procedure to be completed

Using contacts to change your eye color

Before and after lightening eye color d

Before and after lightening eye color

Colored contact lenses make it possible for you to change the color of your eyes, and come up with a look that is either bold, subtle, or in-between. Whether you are looking to rock a crazy design for special occasions or want to enhance your everyday look, contact lenses can make this a possibility. They come in two main forms:

  1. Prescription contact lenses—they correct hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism, myopia(nearsightedness) and assist in enhancing your eye color
  2. Plano contact lenses—these are worn for cosmetic purposes and are intended to change the color of the iris. Their lenses do not have any power for vision correction

Color contact types

Many colored contact lenses are designed to imitate the natural part of your iris.  Given that the area comprises of different lines and shapes, there are a sequence of outwardly arranged colored lines and a series of miniscule colored dots, which assist the lenses to appear more natural on your eyes.

The color contacts come in three types of tints:

  1. Visibility tint contacts

Visibility tint contacts are either green or blue colored tints, which are added onto a lens and are meant to assist you to see it better during insertion, removal, or in case you drop it. A visibility tint tends to be fairly faint, and as such, it does not affect the colors of your eyes.

Opaque colored contacts

An opaque colored contact tint is a non-transparent tint, which has the potential to completely change the colors of your eyes. People with dark eyes will require this kind of contact lens for them to fully change their eye colors.

Enhancement tint colored contacts

It is a solid but see-through (translucent) tint, which happens to be a little darker as compared to the visibility tint. As its name suggests, the purpose of the enhancement tint will be to enhance your eyes natural color. They are ideal for a person who has light-colored eyes, and would like to make his or her eyes more intense.

Other ways to change eye color without contacts

Apart from using contacts, you can also use the following methods to change your eye colors. They include:

1. Photo editor apps that change eye color

Before and after lightening eye color

Before and after lightening eye color

Let us admit it, today, many people like taking ‘selfies’. It is something that has seen church and world leaders joining in the craze to try and capture the perfect ‘selfie’. Even though it does not require you to have a degree in rocket science to capture the perfect selfie, a few photo editing apps are available for download, which make it easier to fix those minute errors in your photos.

The apps assist you in beautifying the selfie before you can then share it with your loved ones and friends. The following photo editing apps will help you acquire the best selfie, regardless of whether you are using an iPhone or running the android system.

1.    Photo Wonder

It is one of the most superbly developed filtering and photo editing app. The app comes with many valuable features, and it can easily replace the numerous apps that you are currently using to edit your photos. It comes highly recommended due to its feature set, which provides you with many options for:

  1. Filtering your photos
  2. Special effects
  3. Creating collages

When using Photo Wonder, you get to benefit from frame and theme addition tools, as well as get to download frames, themes, and clip arts from the web. Individuals of all ages all want to look good in the photos that they post on their social media accounts. It is definitely an app that you should download from the app store.

2.    Selfie photo editor

The selfie photo editor is one step ahead from your normal photo editing apps. The photo editor provides you with numerous tips on how you can take the perfect selfie. In addition, it also provides you with an array of editing tools, to make your selfie even better. Once you have captured your selfie, you can then proceed to airbrush it, and choose an appropriate filter to add to it. When done airbrushing, you can now share it with your friends, or choose to save it on your computer or phone.

There are additional enhancement tools, which are available in the toolbar running across your screen at the bottom. From these enhancement tools, you can add more volume to the lips, add a sparkle to your teeth, or even change the color of your eyes. The editor is comprehensive in nature, and has integrated sharing across all the major social networks available in the market today.

3.    FaceTune

From its name, it is possible to deduce that the app is designed to tune up your selfies. It has actually been declared as a cheaper Photoshop version, which makes it possible for you to:

  1. Remove gray or stray hair
  2. Fix your acne breakout
  3. Change your eye color

When it comes to adjusting your eye color, it also makes it possible to completely eliminate red eyes. It has made it possible to play around with your selfies, ensuring that in the end, you will have a perfect image. Changes to your image can be made by swiping your fingers around to eliminate any blemishes that you notice.

4.    Perfect365

Photo editing has never been this much fun. Immediately you take that selfie, you will be in a position to view your Facial Points, which you can use to enhance the image. The points are highlighted through the use of convenient face tracking dots, which are automatically applied and detected by this app.

Before you can share the selfie on your social networking accounts, utilize the numerous creative filters made available by this app. You can sizzle the selfie with cool makeovers, apply natural touch-ups or make simple selections that may include lightening your eyes.

5.    Pixtr

If you own an iPhone, this is a must-have app, which is bound to make your pictures more beautiful. It has a facial recognition software that makes it possible to scan the selfie, and make adjustments to your facial features e.g. your jawline and nose. It can be used to correct camera distortions, trim the eyebrows, and even assist in changing the color of your eyes.

For a younger and smarter look, you can use the available features to eliminate all the age effects. It has an intuitive user interface, which makes certain that you are implementing these effects as smoothly as is possible.

Gone are those days when you had no option but to share your original picture with your followers and friends on social media. Given that there are so many photo-editing apps available today, there is no reason why you should have mediocre selfies on social media. Use the apps mentioned above to get your desired selfie.

2. Changing eye color in Photoshop

How to change your eye color permanently, naturally

Is it possible to change eye color?

The saturation/hue adjustment tool in Photoshop makes it possible for you to change the colors of your eyes. Whether you are looking to make permanent or temporary changes to your pictures, you can use the following steps to achieve this objective.

1.    Zoom in on your eyes

You can make it easier to view what you are doing by first zooming in on your eyes in the photo being edited. You can do this by going to the tools panel and selecting the zoom tool, or by pressing letter Z on the computer keyboard.

Having selected the zoom tool, now click a few times on the space between your eyes, which will ensure that you will be zooming in on both eyes simultaneously. If you would like to center on the eyes after zooming in, you can press H, which will automatically switch you to the hand tools.

2.    Select the Lasso instrument

Remember that your intention is to change eye color without changing the entire image, and this means that you must settle on the eyes. For this, you need the Lasso tool, which you can select by pressing L.

3.    On each eye, draw a selection

Using the Lasso tool, proceed to draw a selection around one eye. You will not need to focus on the entire eye, but rather, focus on the iris alone. Once one eye has been selected, press and hold down the shift button. A small + (plus sign) should appear on your screen. With the shift button pressed down, proceed to draw a selection around your second eye.

4.    Add a saturation/hue adjustment layer

With both eyes selected, it now becomes easier to adjust their color. You need the hue adjustment layer for this. Click on the adjustment or new fill layer icon that is at the bottom of your Layers panel. Choose saturation or hue from the menu that will appear.

5.    Click on the colorize option

The options and controls for saturation adjustment layer are found in the properties panel. You should select this colorize option by clicking inside the checkbox. When you select it, the eyes will automatically appear red.

6.    Drag this hue slider

In order to change eye color, you have to drag the hue slider from left to right. Doing so will take you through all the rainbow colors, and you should be able to notice the eye change its color as you do this.

7.    Drag saturation slider

Having chosen your primary color with the hue slider, you should now drag this saturation slider towards the left as a way of lowering the color intensity. Continue dragging it until the color appears natural to you. The best saturation value is between ten and fifteen.

8.    Change adjustment’s layer blend mode to color

When you look at the layer’s panel, you will see the saturation/hue adjustment layer sitting above the image that is currently in the background. This means that the blend mode will currently be set at normal, and as such, hue/saturation adjustment will not only be affecting the eye colors, but the brightness as well.

Remember that you only want to change the color, and not the brightness. Therefore, adjust the blend mode to color.

9.    Click on the layer mask

The adjustment layers in Photoshop come with an in-built layer mask. Can you notice that your thumbnail has a white highlight border surrounding it? That border is there to inform you that at the moment, the layer mask has been selected.

10. Set background color to black

In order to remove the unwanted color that is present around your iris, you should paint on the layer mask with the black color. Photoshop normally uses the foreground color as your brush color. Therefore, before you can start painting, confirm that the foreground color has been set to black.

Does eye color change permanently over time?

The iris in your eyes is a muscle, which expands and contracts in a bid to control the size of your pupil. In dimmer lighting, your pupil will become large, and will grow smaller when you are in bright light. Additionally, your pupil can also shrink when you are focusing on near objects e.g. when reading a book.

It is also possible for your eye color to start changing as you age. It is something that happens to between ten and fifteen percent of the global Caucasian population. Even though this change is normal, you should see a doctor if your adult eyes begin to undergo dramatic changes, such as changing from brown to green, or from blue to brown.

Do emotions make eye color change temporarily?

Do you know why your eyes change color when you cry? Or when you are sad? The color of your eyes will change when you are angry, sad, or happy. When undergoing such emotions, the body releases a hormone, which in turn changes your pupil size to make it bigger, and this will in turn make your eye color to brighten, making your eyes to appear more vibrant. Additionally, when you become sad or start to cry, the eyes begin to redden, and they begin to contrast with your iris. This will also make the eyes to appear very bright.

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