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25 NoFap Benefits That are Proven Scientifically

by Dr. Joe Morales

Other than just quitting masturbation, NoFap benefits are plenty and amazing. But is there any scientific proof that supports the advantages of NoFap? Are the benefits immediate? Are you likely to relapse to the habit once you decide to quit? Here’s a list of the good things that come with the no-fapping timeline. First of all, what is the meaning of NoFap?

What is NoFap?

Fap refers to the sound that is produced when you masturbate. From the definition of fapping, NoFap means no masturbating. There are so many online groups that have called themselves NoFap, which just implies support groups that will help you on your journey to stopping masturbation addiction.Nofap benefits

Masturbation is so common and may have its side effects as well. Addiction in itself is a major problem, with many people finding it hard to quit.

  • 797,151 is the number of Americans masturbating at any given time.
  • 89% of women admit to masturbating.
  • 95 % of men admit to masturbating.

Can one really stop masturbation forever? Yes. What are the benefits nofap programs, support groups and resources?  First, it is important to understand what causes masturbation or what makes you masturbate?

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A neurotransmitter called dopamine is one of the major causes of many bad habits we have. It controls the pleasure center in our brains. Dopamine levels are at their peak in your teenage years. If you start masturbating at this age, by around 22, you may suffer severe chemical imbalances in your body. The side effects may include:

  • Unending need for novelty for arousal. You condition yourself to needing new porn, new women, new scenes etc.
  • Social anxiety
  • Severe depression
  • Other dangers of masturbation

More on the science of masturbation and sex another day. Right now, let’s look at how to stop masturbation addiction and discuss nofap benefits.

Are there any scientific benefits of NoFap?

Here are some of the benefits of NoFap that have gained scientific accreditation and support. You can use them as motivation to stop masturbation addiction or habit.

1. NoFap cures porn induced erectile dysfunction

There is a scientific explanation that much dopamine could lead to addiction and when addiction has affected you, you are likely to have porn induced erectile dysfunction.

In other words, the possibility of you enjoying actual sex will be reduced to a great extent. By doing NoFap challenge you will reboot yourself and become the new you.

2. Stop social anxiety

Studies have shown that people who masturbate a lot tend to suffer from social anxiety. “Social anxiety is the fear of social situations that involve interaction with other people.” [SocialPhobia.com].

  • Do you fear being judged by other people?
  • Do you fear rejection?
  • Do you find it hard to compete in social situations?

Too much dopamine in your body could make you to have a lot of social anxiety. One of the major benefits of NoFap is helping you overcome social anxiety. When you are no longer under its influence, you will feel more comfortable with yourself and the result is you will be more relaxed.

3. NoFap reduces stress

First of all, does addiction to porn and masturbation cause stress? How? Everyday life challenges and stresses cause an increased cortisol level. While cortisol controls stress, it can also cause aggression, sadness and despair.

  • “Men who over masturbate experience an increase in cortisol to combat the stress sex creates.” [HerbalLove]
  • Addiction to porn and masturbation can cause really high levels of cortisol in the body.
  • As a result, you become overstressed.

Just like anger or rage, stress and pressure is also one of the effect caused by mental instability caused by too much unrealistic pleasures produced by dopamine. This condition will lead to social anxiety that will cause negative effect to your life. By quitting porn masturbation orgasm (PMO) you will have a change to refresh your mind as well as reduce the stress that usually comes with it.

4. It increases your motivation

Nofap benefits - feel motivated and energetic

Improve your energy and motivation with NoFap.

Sex is actually closely related to expectation. In pornography, you are made to believe that things are very easy when it comes to sex. The reality of life is somehow different. Getting the courage to approach someone and ask for sex is not that easy.

On the other hand, if you learn to approach from time to time, you will learn about what motivation is and make the activity as simple as carrying on a conversation with a beautiful girl, a challenge that you should accomplish.

It will be so much fun to do especially when you are actually making it. This is so because there is the production of a hormone that enhances motivation, called dopamine in your head is stimulated by something real.

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5. NoFap improves your confidence

Porn and masturbation lowers your self-esteem and confidence. Confidence means that you are very comfortable with who you are at any particular time and situation. If you are free of fapping, you will have the courage to approach the opposite sex comfortably because you know that you don’t have anything you are hiding that you never wish it realized.

Just being realistic in this matter, if you are not comfortable with yourself you cannot expect the same thing from other people.

6. NoFap helps increase your focus and concentration

Quitting this habit is just similar to rebooting your computer. During the PMO period your brain will be covered by too much dopamine.

On the other hand when the effect is gone you will feel clearer mind. A clearer mind means increased in focus and concentration. It is quite surprising how much focus and concentration you will gain when quit masturbation.

8. A clear mind and better thinking

A clear mind and straight thinking process is also a benefit that you get after doing the NoFap challenge. It is because your mind will be cleared from the influence of dopamine.

Though dopamine is actually a good hormone but too much of it will give your mind covered by fake fog created by fake pleasure. Once you get rid of them your mind will be back to normal.

9. Better stamina

Increase your stamina

Increase your stamina

Increased energy means better stamina because you have a lot of stock of energy you could use to improve your stamina. There are a lot of perks you could get when doing exercise in the gym like the possibility of having great abs as well as more chance to flirt.

Similarly, there is increase in secretion of the hormone testosterone after the NoFap challenge. This hormone makes you more masculine.

10. Nofap helps you become more respectable

Believe it or not, if you resist the urge to masturbate, a practice that is condemned widely, you are likely to feel some respect for yourself. This justification is closely related to your improved confidence.

Besides that the increased level of testosterone hormone in your body also contributes in making you feel much better about yourself.

11. Increased testosterone

Another important benefit of nofap for men is increased testosterone levels. Testosterone is important hormone for men. It is the hormone that is responsible for masculinity.

Studies have found that some men who are taking the NoFap challenge will have higher level of testosterone hormone in their body after the NoFap challenge compared to when they were still in PMO period. The raised level of testosterone means healthier and better lifestyle.

12. It makes you have better dreams

If you have a healthy sexual life, you are likely to experience real pleasure. Real pleasure will increase a certain hormone that will make you enjoy your sleeping time much better. Better sleep means better and happier dream.

This is because there is secretion of the hormone serotonin that gives you quality sleep. Even when you wake up in the morning, the happy feeling stays and this will make your life a lot better.

13. NoFap improves your sexual taste

Movies make sex look like something that is very easy to obtain and do. The truth of the matter is however different. During the times of masturbation, you always think and feel that you don’t deserve and need someone else.

On the other hand, after NoFap period you will find out that you need someone else. Further to that, you will obtain a better taste in sex.

14. You will start quitting bad habits

There are higher chances that people struggling with masturbation are also struggling to quit other bad habits. In as much as not all bad habits are related to PMO, there are some bad habits like smoking or being lazy all the time that could be dealt with because you have so much energy during or after the NoFap challenge.

As soon as you complete the NoFap challenge and enjoy the benefits, you will realize that you CAN ACTUALLY quit other bad habits that seemed impossible to quit.

You will be more energetic and you will find out that some old habits are just not for you because you want to be someone better. That kind of motivation will automatically remove some old bad habits that don’t fit the new you.

15. Improve your relationships or marriage

It is a fact. Masturbation affects sex and marriages today.

When you confident, you are convinced to believe that you are a better and very important person. As a result, you will start to connect with people because you have deeper emotion.

You will also start learning of how to care and how to be in a real relationship.

16. Healthier and cleaner skin

Looking healthy is one of the things that you benefit as a result of leading a good life. Proper sexual practices mean you have enough sleep and then you wake up early in the morning so you have time to do exercise. In the long run, these things will affect how you look. Your skin will be more radiant and clearer.

17. The Nofap challenge improves your social life

NoFap benefits - improve your social skills

Improve your social skills

Stopping masturbation can prove to be impossible. In real sense, it is not. When you stop it eventually, you will notice that there is a lot of misery in locking yourself up and fapping, as compared to getting out and hanging out with friends and sharing a lot of fun. Slowly with time, you will be freer with people and before you know it, your social skills will be better.

18. Helps to reduce sexual anxiety

One of the reasons why people prefer virtual sex instead of the actual sex is because they are not comfortable enough with themselves. They think that they don’t deserve a hot girl because there is ‘something wrong’ with them. Well, quitting fapping will give you some new perspectives about yourself that you are always more than what you think.

19. Grow emotionally

It is a scientific fact that if you eliminate negative perceptions from your brain, then you are likely to gain emotionally and grow deeper in emotions.

You will learn about real feeling and real sympathy to someone else. Instead of being an uncaring individual you will learn about what actual caring really means.

20. Helps improve your sex life

A very important benefit of Nofap is its impact on your sex life. It is good to note that NoFap is not the same as abstinence from sex. In fact, they are quite the opposite of each other

If before you enjoyed sexual pleasure through adult movies which is unrealistic sometimes, during sex you will learn that the actual one is always the better one. As time goes on, you will be more passionate and have great sex again because you don’t need unrealistic stimulators for it.

21. It boosts your energy

There are times when you suffer frustrations and stress from various causes in life. These events can at times lead you to considering porn masturbation orgasm (PMO) as an immediate source of relief from all of them.

  • However, have you ever considered using that kind of frustration to do something else? You will be surprised that quitting PMO will leave you a lot of energy you could use to do something awesome.

22. Enrich your life

  • Do you always run to masturbation when faced with a new challenge?
  • Does masturbation leave you tired with lower back pain?

One of the benefits of NoFap is rejuvenating your life once again. You will have more energy, feel fresh and motivated .More energy means you will always be driven to use it and somehow you will see that you have all times in your life to do whatever you want. You could learn new skill like sports, music or even languages because you just discover that you have enough energy to do all of those stuff. When you masturbate often, you are likely to suffer a lot of depression. Boosted mood and liveliness is an indicator of NoFap success.

23. You will grow natural attraction to sex

The practice of masturbation for sexual pleasure takes away so much energy and pleasure in the long run.

When you quitting PMO you will find that your sex interest will come back to normal and you don’t even need pills or porn to trigger your interest and as result, you will be naturally attracted to sex. The meaning is you will be enjoying it much better because first you have motivation and second you have enough energy in you.

24. Improve your self-control

The path to a successful NoFap is not easy. It is faced with a lot of challenges and relapse is one of them. However, when you are able to overcome this, you will have built some discipline and actually strengthened some part of your brain called the prefrontal cortex. This part of our brain is responsible for saying no when a huge urge hits, or reminding you of the consequences of certain actions.

25. Establish connections real people

The impressions created in a movie and the stimulators are fake and not in line with what happens in real life.

The reality is that you will learn that connecting with a real person which is totally different with the movie. If you want to connect then you should actually care and want to know the person better. Once you know the person the more you are connected to that person.

  • There is increased mental clarity and boosted cognitive function.

Most people report a massive increase in memory and cognitive function as a benefit of Nofap. For example, being able to make a story flow, the ability to stay focused during a conversation or when you are working at your job/college, and making better choices based on consequences.

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Other benefits of NoFap

There are some benefits that could indicate NoFap success, which are not necessarily scientific but have been reported among some people who have tried it out. Reddit threads as well as social media discussions have indicated some of the following gains and advantages of nofap 90 day challenge.

Improve skin health and get a clear skin

Improve skin health and get a clear skin.

26. It helps to increase your willpower

Having better self-control means increased willpower. When you have a clearer mind and then you will have a better perspective in seeing life including yourself. When you are able to see the better you, controlling yourself will be like a piece of cake and your willpower will follow suit.

27. Achieve more in life

This is one of the most significant achievements that you get when you stop masturbation. You will see life in a bigger picture not just some fake movies you always watch. Once you have realized that this life is bigger than your apartment or room you will have a sense of achievement that will lead you to the bigger and better life achievement.

28. Helps you to develop the good habit of waking up early

It is one of the good habits you may discover after quitting PMO because you just have so much energy to do awesome and positive thing. You will eager to do whatever you want to do and waking up early is just one way to achieve that goal.

29. No-fap saves time

You are likely to cut down on your expenses on internet. This is because the time you use to download and watch adult movies online will be reduced significantly. Besides that, with better and improved social life you will spend more and more time with the real people instead of locking yourself in your room.

30. It reduces rage or anger threshold

A mind that is congested with ill thoughts could lead to instability of mental health. The reason as to why you get angry is because you always have bad thought about yourself. As mentioned earlier, when you have clearer mind you will see everything from different perspective like something that used to make you angry probably just usual thing that is actually harmful.

NoFap benefits timeline

When do NoFap benefits come? To realize NoFap success, it takes a lot of effort and some time. The process varies from one person to the other in terms of the time it takes. Some people would need a month while others would need even more than that. The following stages indicate what it takes for you to completely overcome the habit. Here’s the Nofap timeline to help you understand your stage and how to overcome its challenges.

  • Stage one: this is the stage you start realizing that what you are doing is not your norm. You start gaining some enthusiasm that you did not have some time before. At this point, the energy is temporary though.
  • Stage two: at this, you notice the effects that were used to get on masturbation are wearing off. The temptation to Fap gets stronger each time. This is the hardest phase and you are likely to feel a bit stressed. The sexual urge needs a sexual outlet, and your body does not know how to cope without one. You may start seeing women and getting interested slowly.
  • Stage three: this is a stage where you find no benefit of NoFap at all. Everything is back to normal. Nobody seems to be seeing you, you are attracted to women but have no interest in a particular one. More to that, you are likely to oversleep for a couple of times. You might relapse to Fapping so as to get some boost. People will start noticing your super-confidence and perhaps criticize you.
  • Stage four: this the point where you confidence rises even higher. You will start having some live and celebrating things once in a while and especially when you achieve, people will just be amazed at how you celebrate them.
  • Stage five: this is where you hit your goals. You will have a lot of energy that needs to be burned. You will lose more fat as compared to the other stages. People around you will be proud by the change of your life and how different you look.
  • Stage six: at this point, you are a completely changed person. You are also likely to assume that porn is an outdated concept. When you come across a clip that displays erotic content, you are likely to respond with laughter or disgust.

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